Kim Reddington

Relevant Experience and Credentials:
• Faculty Coach at Health Coach Institute (January 2019- present)
• Owner of Reddington Solutions – website development firm (2015-present)
• Business Coach at The Big Shift, Inc. (2014-2018)
• Owner of Cereus Women – coaching women entrepreneurs to get more clients (2010-2014)

Educational Background:
• B.S. Electrical Engineering – Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

Further information:
Kim Reddington is a successful business coach and entrepreneur who knows how to help her clients get all the clients they want. Her first foray into entrepreneurship was at age 7, selling paperweights (a.k.a. painted rocks) to the neighbors. She didn’t come home until I sold all the paperweights. Kim went on to run an Avon business starting in high school, which set the stage for her to later continue to work for herself. After graduating college, she had a small 3-year stint in corporate America, before deciding she was going to do what she always told her mother she would do as a kid – own her own business when she grew up. That was in 1995, and she’s been building businesses, and helping other business owners thrive ever since.”

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