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Nurses: Is it Time For A Change InYour Life?

According to the Australian Heart Foundation, nearly 30% of people are obese, 1.7 million are living with diabetes, and heart disease is the single leading cause of death among both men and women.

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Is It Time For A New Chapter In Your Life?

Are you a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner feeling burnt out from long hours on your feet and being underpaid and under appreciated? (Bedpan fatigue anyone?)Welcome to the best career ever: Health Coaching

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Health Coaching offers Nurses an alternative to hands-on, bedside patient care.

Nurses hold a very special place in our healthcare system. Why?Because you are the trusted professional interface between health care and the human which means you are perfectly poised to pioneer a much needed, new model for patient-centered care.

According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 160 million Americans suffering from chronic lifestyle diseases, like heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

The cost of managing their care is estimated at an astounding $270 billion a year. These lifestyle diseases account for 78% of our healthcare costs!People are finally realizing that what they’ve been doing is no longer working and they are looking for something greater than pills and surgery.But making change without support and accountability is really difficult. That’s where you can hold a new place in the healthcare system.

  • 95% of those who lose weight on a diet gain it back and a significant percentage gain back more than they originally lost.
  • Even after a heart attack, only one of every seven patients makes any enduring changes around eating or exercise. That’s a problem, and all the diet industry can offer is “Eat fewer calories and exercise more.”
  • If that worked, it would’ve worked!

The world needs passionate service professionals like you!

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