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The Many Career Paths for Health Coaches

Health Coaching is expanding into mainstream medicine, the corporate world, schools, and other institutions. Health Coaches are starting to be seen as essential collaborators who can provide clients and patients with the critical support, accountability, and guidance they need to transform their health in a sustainable way. We interviewed HCI’s Director of Career Services and […]

6.15.18 | Shani Raviv

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10 Reasons Moms Make The Best Health Coaches

In honor of Mother’s Day, we are highlighting all the amazing ways moms show up as coaches and why moms are hardwired to rock coaching, not like a boss…but like a mom! Besides, moms are raising our future Health Coaches, right? Power to all the MOMS and Happy Mother’s Day! 10 Reasons Moms Make The […]

5.7.18 | Admin

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90 Days With A Newbie Health Coach Transformed Her Life Forever

When you sign up to work with a Health Coach to help you transform your health you are agreeing to being vulnerable and being seen for your weaknesses and strengths. Not an easy thing to sign up for. But when the fit is right and there is rapport and trust established from the get-go, miracles […]

3.12.18 | Admin

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25 Reasons Why I Am A Health Coach

Happy I Am A Health Coach Week! We asked hundreds of Health Coaches why they do the work they do and distilled their answers into 25 reasons. Here are our top 25:   I am passionate about helping people become their most alive selves I believe in the power of leading with an open heart […]

3.5.18 | Admin

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How-To Make Self-Love A Sacred Daily Habit

Every year we look outside ourselves on February 14 to our beloved, our special someone, our Valentine, which is GREAT but it often means that we forget to love ourselves—not just on Valentine’s Day—but every day.

2.12.18 | Admin

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