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What Does *Retreat* Mean To You?

As Health Coaches it’s in our nature to give a lot of ourselves to our clients. We are continually working to strike the right balance between offering our clients enough support and enough stretch, which can take a toll on the equilibrium of our own health—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We need to remind ourselves […]

2.26.18 | Admin

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6 Steps To Growing Your Own Greens

There are many tiers to the eating-your-greens-and-growing-your-own-greens pyramid. At the very bottom, tier 1, there’s the person who eats no veggies at all and declares war against greens. Usually this person will bo...

2.8.18 | Admin

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7 Steps To Cultivate Your Aliveness

Do you ever wake up and feel like “arrgh”—you just want to go straight back to bed so you don’t have to face the day’s challenges? Do you ever start the day thinking about all your problems and feeling...

1.20.18 | Admin

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How To Start Fresh Post Thanksgiving

5 things to start doing today post Thanksgiving without having to go on a major detox… 1. Drink water. Even if you didn’t spend your weekend passed out on your in-law’s sofa from intoxication, it’s still good to re-hydrate and cleanse your system by drinking lots of water. Start your day off with a 20 […]

11.27.17 | Admin

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How-To *Hell Yeah It’s Monday!!!*

Welcome back from HCI Live Dallas, TRIBE! Whether you were there in person or in spirit—you helped us make it happen. The Health Coaching revolution is underway and your contribution goes a looooooong way.

11.13.17 | Admin

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