Angelina Deweese

Angelina Deweese

How did you know health coaching was right for you?

I actually went to school for photography and media communications, and I never dreamed I would be a health coach.

Right before I moved to New York for my photography career, I had an experience of traveling to Thailand and my whole life did a 180 degree turnaround. I went from being really unhealthy to all of a sudden wanting to become healthy. I lost weight, I also had been doing drugs, so I was wanting to clean up my act and move towards having a healthier lifestyle.

So when I moved to New York, I decided the best place I could be is to work in a health food store, so I could learn how to be happy and healthy. And that’s when I found out a little bit more about what health coaching is.

I also remember reading something about health coaching online, and I almost cried – I was just so moved by the idea that I could help someone like me, someone who has been really at the lowest of the lows in their life, become happy and healthy. And I could help them in a way that was really simple.

I’d personally been to doctors, I’d been to therapists, I’ve been to all these things, and many of them had helped me, but what I really wanted was someone in my corner to be my coach to just be happier and healthier.

I was so excited by health coaching, and I remember thinking, and thinking, and thinking about it, and over and over, and I was like, “This is it.” And I was like, “Thank you god, this is my calling and I didn’t even know it was my calling!”


How did you know when it was the right time to start your health coach training?

I didn’t have any money to do it and nothing in my life said it was the right time… except for my heart. I was really excited about the idea. It was the first time I was that excited about anything in a really long time. It felt like there was a certain synchronicity – they say when the time is right the future appears, and that was what happened for me.


How has your life changed as a result of becoming a health coach?

Oh my gosh, I make the joke that I would probably be a hot mess if I wasn’t a health coach!

My life in many ways has become so much more rich, I’ve gotten the honor to know so many hundreds of women, get to know that we’re all similar, our fears are the same, our excitements are similar.

I’ve personally been able to continue my health and personal growth journey, learning how to love myself, being confident in who I am – these things are not the typical things you get in a career. But in health coaching, if you ask health coaches, they would say that their career is closely connected with their journey of themselves, and becoming better people. I don’t think that’s something you can say about every career.


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