Mari Carmen

Mari Carmen

How did you know health coaching was right for you?

I was in a different career – I was a human resources executive. I was working in helping people, but nothing related to health, right? But I have always been interested in nutrition and well-being, because it was a family value when I was growing up. I am from Spain, and when I moved to America and I saw how differently people eat, it was a trigger to pay even more attention to nutrition and the way food made me feel.

But it was not until I met a health coach that I knew I wanted to become one. I was taking a raw foods chef certification program, and the coolest and most knowledgeable and, by the way, cute people in the course were health coaches. I’m not kidding. They were mostly women, and they had an energy that was immediately attractive.

So I asked them, “What do you do?” And they said, “I’m a health coach.” I’m like, what? A health coach? I have never heard of that in my life. They were younger than me, full of life, but that day, I knew I wanted that. I wanted that. I knew this was going to be my path, I had no doubt–I immediately started making plans to find out more about where I could get the type of certification I needed so I could help people successfully.


How did you know when it was the right time to start your health coach training?

After I met these health coaches, I was forty six years old. So my initial plan was to retire in ten years, at 55 years old. I told this to my boss, and after I did that I decided to hire a health coach myself. I met her at one of your events, and she was trained in your Transformational Coaching Method. And bam, I was like, screw the fifty five year old thing, this is happening for me much sooner!

So I enrolled right there and then when I was forty six years old. I knew it was the right time because it spoke to my heart—it was a big part of my career that was missing. As an HR person you’re helping people all day long, you’re helping them with their job, meeting their goals, public speaking training, you name it, but if their health is deteriorating, it’s really hard to take them to the level they want to be, right?

So this was the part that was missing. When you start getting better, when your energy improves, everything else falls in to place, and then a door opens for a lot of other possibilities, promotions, a different job, and in my case a new career.


How has your life changed as a result of becoming a health coach?

My life changed 180 degrees. And the first thing that changed was that one of my four children was very sick. I had taken a lot of nutrition courses throughout my life before going to health coaching school, so I combined those things with the little bit of coaching that I learned, and I put my daughter through a three month health coaching program, and she was able to manage her disease to the point where she’s not medicated anymore.

So that was life changing, and was the trigger to take some time off from my successful HR career. Once I did that my life really started to change, because I began improving my own health after a host of health problems a few years ago. From then on I knew that health coaching was my path, I had no doubt.

And I’m bringing all my previous life experience into my coaching – your HR career, being a mother – I bring this whole tool box full of tools, values, and things from when I was growing up, from my engagement, and that is not related to nutrition necessarily, but it’s wonderful to have. It makes me a well rounded health coach, and I speak around the country, and even internationally. My relationships are better, my family life is better, and now I want to live instead of feeling like I didn’t have control over my lifestyle.

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