Summer Bock

Summer Bock

How did you know health coaching was right for you?

I was in college to become a doctor, doing all my pre-med stuff, and I was sitting in organic chemistry with a bar of chocolate and a latte, daydreaming about my future doctor’s office.

I was imagining my patients coming in to see me, and sitting on that starchy paper on the exam table, you know? All these little fantasies, and then I pictured myself writing a prescription for my patient, and then it was like a record-scratch. “Eeeeeeerrrrrhhh!”

Because I honestly hadn’t thought of that before that moment, and I realized that writing prescriptions for me was against my values. I had studied herbal medicine in the past, but I could never figure out how to take it off the ground and work with people.

And in that record-scratch moment, I went and did some research, and was led into the whole beautiful world of health coaching!

How did you know when it was the right time to start your health coach training?

I pretty much just went for it. It was such a strong instinct and such a strong pull, and everything about the idea of it was perfect for me. There was just so much there that I believed in, and always have, and that’s what I was now going to get trained in. So, I used my student loans that I had for college for my health coach training.

How has your life changed as a result of becoming a health coach?

One of the big changes is that I do work that is rewarding, I love my work. The other way my life has changed is that I was really, really sick when I started doing my work as a health coach, and I had done a ton of research and personal experimentation to heal my own body, and I’ve just continued to do that work.

So, in some ways my work has led me into deeper healing for myself. I keep getting to a healthier state of being the more I do this work, because I have to maintain my stance as a role model for my clients. I don’t have to be perfect, I don’t have to be not eating ice cream or cupcakes, but I have to be somebody who does walk their talk, or somebody who can stand up and say, “Yeah, I eat ice cream and cupcakes sometimes.”

Health coaching has really taught me so much about being authentic and being real.

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