Tyson Learner

How did you know health coaching was right for you?

Tthere was no one aha moment. In my early twenties I was dancing full time but had started to struggle with my weight and felt that the support and guidance I needed was more then a diet plan so I made an appointment with Joshua Rosenthal who was still health coaching at the time. After meeting Joshua, we became good friends and he mentored me for the next 4 years. Because I was not ready to leave my dancing career, I went back to what I knew best.

A couple of years ago, after two kids, and a hand full of personal training clients, I craved getting back into health coaching. I wanted to help my clients make a deeper change outside of fitness and I wanted to get out of gyms.


How did you know when it was the right time to start your health coach training?

I felt insecure and out of practice with health coaching, and in my search for some extra training I found Stacey Morgenstern. This was before she partnered with Carey. She was offering a very inexpensive CTD training class and I signed up for it. Although her training was pretty short, I followed her advice and got my first health coaching client! Unfortunately, it had been over a decade since I went to IIN and I had no idea what to do with him, so within a month I lost him as a client. I knew I needed extra training to make it work. It took 2 years before I decided to invest in the training with Carey and Stacey because I had sticker shock… but what a silly waste of time! Every cent was worth the training.


How has your life changed as a result of becoming a health coach?

I went from working 7 days a week, and running from home to home as a trainer to working from home, 100 percent online, 5 days a week while making more on average per hour. As a result of the success, I have been able to buy my first home in the country, move out of NYC, and feel more satisfied by my work.


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