Happy I Am A Health Coach Week!

We asked hundreds of Health Coaches why they do the work they do and distilled their answers into 25 reasons. Here are our top 25:


  • I am passionate about helping people become their most alive selves
  • I believe in the power of leading with an open heart
  • I am a master of habit change
  • I am a personal growth junkie
  • I love healthy food
  • I believe in the transformative power of change work
  • I am a vision holder for my clients’ dreams
  • I am an empowered leader
  • I offer my clients equal amounts of support and stretch
  • I know that knowledge does not equal behavior change
  • I am helping to revolutionize health care
  • I know that a healthy lifestyle is a work in progress
  • I am free to sets my own work schedule that works for my personal rhythms
  • I do meaningful work that makes a difference in the world
  • I am an attentive listener
  • I have a healthy appetite for continuous learning
  • I value health on all levels—mental, physical, emotional, spiritual
  • I support the prevention and eradication of lifestyle diseases
  • I aim to live every day with conscious awareness
  • I put my self-care first
  • I heal a little bit every day
  • I consider each day an opportunity for change
  • I offer gratitude for my blessings every day
  • I am in love with my self and my life
  • I believe Health Coaches will spark the change we wish to see in this world

We would so LOVE to hear why you chose to become a Health Coach! Please leave your top reason for becoming a Health Coach or the number one thing you love about your work, in the comments below!


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