Lisa Zaras

Relevant Experience and Current Credentials:

  • Success Coach at Health Coach Institute (2019-present)
  • Founder and Holistic Health and Life Coach at Luscious Living with Lisa (2015-present)
  • Health Coach Institute – Certified Health Coach (February  2016)
  • Health Coach Institute – Certified Transformational Coach (July 2017)
  • Health Coach Institute – Certified TCM Mastery Coach (March 2018)
  • Health Coach Institute – Certified Life Coach (June 2018)
  • American Council on Exercise – Certified Personal Trainer (2017-present)
  • Online Trainer Academy – Online Trainer Certified (2017-present)
  • Girls Gone Strong Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach (2018-present)

Educational Background:

  • Western Illinois University, Bachelor’s of Arts in Music Therapy, Psychology Minor (1999)

Further Information:

Lisa is a Holistic Health and Life Coach who supports busy women who struggle to prioritize their own needs, including health, wellness and rest. She helps her clients learn to love their body and heal their relationship with food so they can create confidence, energy, and the luscious life they deserve, without feeling guilty or selfish. 

Lisa is passionate about helping Moms be healthy, energetic and feel good about themselves for their own sake, and so they can set a healthy, self-loving example for their children. She knows that we have the ability to help reduce the prevalence of body-image issues for future generations, and that to do so, we have to teach body-positivity to our children by example. Lisa believes that we are meant to thrive, not just survive, and that everyone deserves health and true happiness.

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