Sally Harding


  • Durham University (U.K.) Bachelors of Arts in Theology (1998).
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, CIPD Qualified (2003).
  • Health Coach Institute, Certified Health Coach (2017)

Coaching Credentials and Experience:

  • Success Coach at Health Coach Institute (2018 -)
  • Founder, Sally Harding Health Coaching (2017)

Further Information:

It was Sally’s own family health journey that ignited a passion within her to step up and help

people to thrive and live their best story – healthful, vibrant and whole. With a background in

people development and change, Sally was familiar with the coaching paradigm as a method of

delivering lasting change and transformation. Certifying as a health coach was a natural

progression. Her coaching practice launched in 2017. She typically spends her time

empowering women who are tired and wired to uplevel their health, to nourish their bodies and

reset their thinking so to reclaim time for what is truly important. She has a private client list,

works collaboratively on projects, and runs masterclass workshops. Sally is committed to raising

the profile and supporting the growth of mastery in health coaching as a profession in the U.K.

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