I have something HUGE to celebrate. I had Session #9 with one of my practice clients today and it went really well. This type of deep session is really my passion. Anyway, afterwards she shared that all of her goals were being accomplished: wt loss, less anxiety- she has had ZERO panic attacks since we started, relaxation- I taught her meditation as well as the breathing techniques (some of my own too), regular exercise (I taught her “movement”), and healthy food choices (magic plate meals). Not only that, but her big MOFAs are being realized. Her marriage is growing stronger right before my eyes! And it is due to her transformation! AND she said that none of this has been hard, it is becoming “just what she does” – making healthy choices, moving her body, etc. “The 5 love languages” was very helpful for her marriage- both she & her spouse took the quiz. WOW! This program REALLY works! This is really boosting my confidence level tremendously & it feels SO fantastic to really make a difference in someone’s life!