Сommunity Cleanse

Without health, it is very challenging to achieve your big goals – let alone to sustain them – without drastically compromising another area of your life in the process.

At Health Coach Institute, we believe that your Health is always top of the list.

As nature transitions into a new season, you may also be feeling the call to revitalize your health!

There is no better time to push the RESET button on your diet & lifestyle than during a change in the seasons. Not only will our family, work, and social routines be changing, but we naturally shift from eating summer or winter foods to those of the autumn or spring.

What is the Community Cleanse?

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At HCI, we have two big missions: train masterful coaches AND eradicate lifestyle diseases. We are also firm believers that we must first do for ourselves and then for others. Why? Because if our resources are low, no matter how much we want to give to others, we simply can’t.

The Community Cleanse is an awesome opportunity for you to connect with your HCI Tribe, give yourself lots of TLC as we transition into a new season, and witness what it looks like to run a group cleanse!

Are you bursting to give this a go?

Community Cleanse with HCI!

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Why Join the HCI Community Cleanse?

Heart Warrior

As Heart Warriors, it is YOUR time to be supported and to receive

WE will be leading YOU throughout the Community Cleanse so all you have to do is set your intentions, show up, and have FUN with your Tribe!

This is the chance to prioritize YOU so that you get to feel exactly how you want to feel in your body!

Learn Through Witnessing

Learn Through Witnessing

Have you ever wanted to run a cleanse on your own but you just weren’t sure where to start?

Although your intention is to participate in this Community Cleanse for the rejuvenation of your own mind, body, and soul, we also want you to walk (with a spring in your step) away with a deeper understanding of how to replicate this experience for your clients in your own Health Coaching business

We will share tips, tricks, and “behind-the-scenes” magic in a post-cleanse guidebook that will break down the exact steps that we take you through so that you can then run your own cleanse with your clients with confidence, ease and the benefit of first-hand experience

Coach Connect App

Experience the Coach Connect App

Stay accountable! One of the three most important pieces to any coaching program. Track your water, sleep, self-care, movement – or any other variable – in order to set you up for inevitable success throughout the Reset Cleanse

Step into your clients’ shoes by noticing what it is that you like and don’t like about this experience so that you can better understand how you would like to incorporate this cleanse in your own practice

When Does It Begin?

The prep week for the HCI Community Cleanse kicks off on Feb 10th. No need to prepare anything before then!

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