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APRIL 25 – 27, 2019 | PHOENIX, AZ


It’s Time for You to Share Your Genius with the World

It’s time to shift the way we do health.

It’s time to create the change this world and its people are crying out for.

It’s time for Health Coaches to Spark the Revolution and lead the new wave of healthcare.

Are you ready to lead this change for yourself and for others? To put the “care” back into Healthcare and cultivate aliveness?

Are you looking for a way to catapult your Coaching business to the next level (without all the trial and error)?

Do you want to break the chains of self-restriction keeping you from enjoying true professional success?

We invite you to embrace your possibility and boldly Spark the Revolution with us at HCI Live.

The world needs YOU to show up for yourself. Will you join us?

Join Us Live So You Can Discover How To

  • Create a transformational health and wellness movement (not just a business)
  • Jumpstart your income with a foolproof formula to earn $10K in 10 weeks
  • Learn TCM Mastery coaching sequences to strengthen your confidence (so you can get better results for your clients & charge what you’re WORTH)
  • Up your coaching game with in-person skills labs
  • Become the leader you were born to be

Who Will You Experience HCI Live with?

Your HCI tribe! You will meet members of your class, get to know other health and wellness changemakers, and can even bring as many of your friends as you wish! If you’ve attended HCI Live before, you can reconnect with your tribe, meet some of our newest members, and see what our grads are up to. You will also get the chance to connect with HCI Dream Team in person. Your HCI Tribe filled with like-minded, open hearts is waiting.

Additionally, after you register, you’ll have access to our private HCI Live Facebook group where you can find a roommate, get a jump start on networking, and prepare.

What Makes Our Tribe So Special?

We are a heart-centered, results-oriented community of passionate coaches who believe in the power of habit change and the positive change we can effect in the world. We believe in inspiring one another to be the best version of ourselves, in cultivating aliveness, in taking risks, in being bold with our work, and having FUN while changing the world. (And dance parties…we always believe in the power of a dance party.)

The HCI Army of Hearts

Imagine if each of us made a commitment to prioritize our aliveness. Imagine a room of bold pioneers standing for the health and aliveness of humanity willing to go where most don’t go.
Your only responsibility in this life is to bring your open heart.
The HCI tribe is an Army of Hearts.
When this Army of Hearts wins, everyone on the planet wins.

– Eric Neuner CEO of Health Coach Institute –

We created HCI Live so that our collective Army of Hearts could come together in person to propel this critical mission to shift the way we do health forward..so that we could connect, transform, and commit to bold action TOGETHER.

We invite you to become a Heart Warrior and join this Army of Hearts at HCI Live. We invite you to invite your own Heart Warriors to join us at HCI Live. Wish you could bring a special someone along to witness the magic? You can! In fact, you can bring as many friends, lovers, family members – anyone – that you want.*

What can you do with an Army of Hearts? You can change the World.

We hope to see you at HCI Live, Heart Warrior.

* Once you register, you’ll get all the info you need to sign up that special someone(s). *

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