After Hours

The Famous Dress To Express Party

Our famous DRESS TO EXPRESS cocktail party is an HCI Live exclusive!

Come, kick-back, relax, walk down our catwalk or get your groove on. We invite you to wear whatever you feel most comfortable and expressed in. That could be your bathrobe
and slippers, suit and tie or sparkly extravagant dress.

Flip flops and a sports jacket? Sounds GREAT!
A tutu and a tiara? LOVE IT!

Believe us when we say, there is nothing that is too fancy or too casual.

This party is the perfect place to connect with your tribe, meet new friends, dance, have one of our signature cocktails and let loose!

This is not the Dress To Impress party.

This is simply about you coming as you. Be comfortable. Be you. It is just about having fun!

The more you feel empowered and confident, the better!! Don’t be afraid to get wild with it!

Pssst… you get a free drink ticket with your seat deposit!


November 9th (Day 1) from about 8:00-9:30*

*Schedule subject to change


All attendees of HCI Live


Strut your stuff on the catwalk

Have a dance off with Eric Neuner, CEO of HCI

Grab a signature cocktail (or other beverage) from the bar

Sit in the lounge area and connect with an old friend

Get to chat with your Success Coach or the HCI Dream Team

Snag a hug from Carey or Stacey

Have a blast in the photo booth

The Fireside Chat With Carey & Stacey

The Fireside Chat has been a staple at every HCI Live event for years…and for good reason!

It’s a chance to cozy up by the “fire” with Stacey and Carey at the end of Day 2 and get personal.

The Fireside Chat is a safe, intimate space for you to bring your most burning, provocative questions to Stacey and Carey for the sassy, no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is feedback they’re known for.

The best part? Nothing is off limits!

Curious to know more about Stacey’s home life? Ask away!

Wondering how Carey balances it all? She’ll give you her candid answer!


November 10th (Day 2) from about 7:30-9:00*

* Schedule subject to change


All attendees of HCI Live