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We host two live events each year, averaging 800+ students and Health Coaches, and are always looking for likeminded allies in health.

Past and current events sponsors include: Vitamix, Onnit, Dry Farm Wines, AnnMarie, Infusionsoft, Care/of, Kind Bar, Thrive Market, Rocket Lawyer, Level Sleep, and Gr8nola, Lululemon, Splendid Studio, SoulCamp.

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Granola HCI Live Sponsors 4
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Dry Farm Wines HCI Live Sponsors 9
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DePolo HCI Live Sponsors 14
Dr.Anna Cabeca HCI Live Sponsors 15
Enviromend Sciences HCI Live Sponsors 16
TrueDark HCI Live Sponsors 17
Beekeepers HCI Live Sponsors 18
200K Subscribers HCI Live Sponsors 19
Our student/alumni email list of 200k subscribers and growing
Website Visitors HCI Live Sponsors 20
Our website, which averages 100,000 visitors a month (spiking to 300,000 views near the event)
FB IG Community HCI Live Sponsors 21
Our Facebook community of over 50,000 Fans and 5,000+ Instagram followers (and growing exponentially)
On Stage Endorsement HCI Live Sponsors 22
On-stage endorsements from Stacey and Carey
Logo Placement HCI Live Sponsors 23
Logo placement on the HCI website and in-print materials at live event

Benefits Of Partnerships

Sponsorship also offers great marketing and PR benefits for your organization

When You Sponsor An HCI Live Event, You’ll Receive Promotion Through:

Partner 1 HCI Live Sponsors 24
Partner with a premiere wellness institute dedicated to making the world a healthier, happier, more conscious place for all.
Health Revolution HCI Live Sponsors 25
Be a part of the global health revolution. 90% of HCI Live’s audience purchased $5,000 or more worth of training programs from Health Coach Institute in the last 12 months. Our students are pioneers in all areas of health.
Showcase New Ideas HCI Live Sponsors 26
Showcase new ideas and programs to hundreds of Health Coaches who are messengers for a healthier world.
Increase Brand Awareness HCI Live Sponsors 27
Increase brand awareness and network with like minded companies.

Health Coach Institute

is a world-class health coaching school that empowers deeply caring individuals to create abundant careers promoting aliveness, fighting lifestyle diseases, and transforming lives through the power of coaching and habit change.

We train health and wellness enthusiasts in the art, science, and business of health coaching so they can turn their passions into meaningful careers that elevate the health and consciousness of our planet.

In a world where seven people die from stress-related disease every two seconds, Health Coaches serve as a critical bridge to help people facing personal health challenges transform their health and happiness in a sustainable way.

With over 10,000 students from more than 30 countries, we’re creating a global wellness movement that’s redefining health coaching, helping people create lasting change, and revolutionizing the healthcare system as we know it.

To receive a sponsor deck for HCI Live Austin, TX November 9-11, 2018, or to learn more about other sponsorship opportunities, email: