What is the refund policy for my HCI Live seat deposit?

Sudden change of plans? Email support@healthcoachinstitute.com by October 18th if you can’t make the event and they can refund your ticket.If you attend HCI Live and you are enrolled in one of our HCI programs and are eligible for a refundable seat deposit, you will receive a refund of your $97 seat deposit to the credit card you used for your deposit 4-6 weeks post event.

Can I get a discount for my hotel in HCI Live?

Yes! We have a special room rate (based on availability) at The Fairmont Dallas Hotel & Spa starting at $195 per night. To book with our room rate, call 1-866-540-4427 and mention HCI Live.

Is food and drink included in my ticket?

No, food and drink are not included in your ticket.However, you can upgrade your experience to our Spark Pass VIP Lunch Experience: The 10x Your Confidence Package. Enjoy 3 days of delicious, healthy lunches and exclusive time with Stacey, Carey, and special guests to 10X your confidence while connecting with your fellow students! Learn more about Spark Pass VIP Lunch Experience after you secure your HCI Live seat deposit.The Fairmont Dallas Hotel also has wonderful restaurant options. You can learn more here.

What are the food options?

Click here to see all restaurant information.

When should I arrive and depart from the event?

You should arrive Wednesday, November 6th and depart Sunday, November 10th. The event begins at 9:00 am on Thursday, November 7th and ends at 5:30 pm on Saturday, November 9th.

I want to bring my spouse (friend, colleague, neighbor, etc.), can I do that?

Yes! We encourage our students to bring their spouse, friend, partner, colleague, neighbor, etc. All guests can purchase tickets here.

What is the Dress To Express party?

Our famous DRESS TO EXPRESS cocktail party is an HCI Live exclusive!Come, kick-back, relax, walk down our catwalk or get your groove on. We invite you to wear whatever you feel most comfortable and expressed in. That could be your bathrobe and slippers, suit and tie or sparkly extravagant dress.
  • Flip flops and a sports jacket? Sounds GREAT!
  • A tutu and a tiara? LOVE IT!
Believe us when we say, there is nothing that is too fancy or too casual.This party is the perfect place to connect with your tribe, meet new friends, dance, have one of our signature cocktails and let loose!You can read more about the Dress To Express party here.

What if I don’t have any coaching clients yet, should I still come to HCI Live?

Yes! HCI Live is the perfect place to connect with other coaches, to learn new coaching techniques and to gain the business tools you need to get your first coaching client.

What if I just started BHC, should I come to HCI Live?

Yes! HCI Live is a wonderful launching pad for you. You will get to meet your BHC tribe member, connect with your Success Coach, learn advanced coaching techniques, and learn practical business skills.

Can I push my ticket to a future event?

No, you can cancel and receive a refund before the deadline of October 18th by emailing support.

Can I transfer my ticket to another student?

No, you can cancel and receive a refund before the deadline of October 18th by emailing support but you cannot transfer your ticket to another student.

What time does the event start and finish each day?

The event runs from 9:00am to about 9:30pm on November 7-8, and from 9:00am to about 5:30pm on November 9. We ask that you play full out, clear your schedule and show up to every session to get the most out of your HCI Live experience. There will be varying break times each day. Once you arrive at the event, you will be provided with a more detailed schedule.

Where can I get a detailed event schedule?

Click here to see the event schedule. We will release more schedule information closer to the event. Please know that schedule is always subject to change and we appreciate your flexibility.

What clothing should I wear?

There is no dress code. We encourage clients to come in what they feel comfortable. Some attendees are dressed in business casual attire, some are in athleisure attire and some are somewhere in between. Session rooms can be cool, so plan accordingly. Bring a light jacket, sweater or wrap.

How does parking work at the hotel?

Self-service covered and open parking lots and garages are available in the surrounding area. Guests will receive a 20% discount on the following rates when parking at the hotel.Overnight Guest Rate $32.00 (exclusive of tax) including in-and-out privilegesDaily Rates $16.00 for less than 6 hours (exclusive of tax); no in-and-out privileges $22.00 for more than 6 hours (exclusive of tax); no in-and-out priveleges

If I arrive late/leave early are there different pricing options?

No, we only offer one price for your HCI Live ticket.

How do I register if I arrive later in the day?

Please go to the Solutions Table conveniently located at the back of the main session ballroom.

How can I get one-on-one dedicated time with my Success Coach and Carey & Stacey?

Some of our Success Coaches will be in our Coaching Zone at HCI Live. You will see the Coaching Zone clearly marked when you arrive at HCI Live. All you need to do is schedule a time at the Coaching Zone. We can’t promise you will get a session with your specific Success Coach but we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note, coaching zone spots/places/times are limited so schedule your session as soon as you arriveCarey & Stacey have very busy schedules at HCI Live so we can’t guarantee that you will get any one-on-one time with them. However, they will be at the Dress To Express party and around at some of the breaks. You can also get more access to them at The Fireside Chat. Click here to learn more about the Fireside Chat. The best chance at more time with Carey & Stacey is to purchase our Spark Pass VIP Lunch Experience: The 10x Your Confidence Package.

I have some physical disabilities, can I still come?

Of course! We are happy to work with the hotel in every way we can to accommodate any and all circumstances. Please see a member of the HCI team for any help needed. If you have a specific request for the hotel or about your room, please contact the hotel directly. If you want to discuss certain things ahead of time please reach out to our support team, support@healthcoachinstitute.com.

Can I bring my baby?

All students are more than welcome to bring their babies! We do not provide any specific area for our students and their little ones, but the hotel certainly has a good number of baby facilities at hand.For anyone who wishes to potentially bring an older child, please note that some of the content can be adult-related, and some of the topics discussed and language used on stage may not be suitable for young ones.