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Students reveal why they chose this program over the others

Our students are smart, savvy and open-minded. They feel called to align what they do with their core values. They crave adventure and community and they want a fulfilling, flexible, money-making career that empowers them to be their best selves.

Our training is especially designed for those who want to work professionally as a health coach. We believe we’ve created something truly innovative. Our grads are wildly successful.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what they have to say.

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“Ahead of the curve” and “Beyond expectations.”

Behind The Scenes With Our Graduates.

Tysan Lerner

Catskils, NY

Angelina Deweese

Pacific Grove, CA

Kari Schmitz

ST. Paul, MN

Mari Carmen

Philadelphia, PA

Rasul Davis

Santa Monica, CA

Elijah Selby

San Francisco, CA

Ashley Maina

Boston, MA

Summer Bock

Chattanooga, TN