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Have questions about our Health Coaching programs or general questions about Health Coaching, Life Coaching, or nutrition training? Check out our FAQs below or click here to schedule a time to speak with one of our Clarity Coaches.

  • About Health Coach Institute

    • What makes Health Coach Institute stand out from other Health Coach training programs?

      In a few words:

      Mission. Education. Instructors. Value. Support. Community. Personal transformation. Results.


      It’s our mission to create a healthier, more empowered world by arming aspiring Health Coaches with the tools, skills, and confidence to transform lives.


      As a student of Health Coach Institute, you’ll benefit from a world-class curriculum covering the four essential pillars of Health Coaching: Nutrition for Health Coaches, The Habit Change Coaching Method, Personal Growth (The Life Coach Certificate), and Proven Business & Marketing Systems. In addition to lesson-based instruction, you’ll also receive ongoing one-on-one practice coaching and mentorship to help you develop the skills and confidence to coach clients and launch a business. Our foundational Become a Health Coach program (BHC) is Continuing Coach Education (CCE) accredited* by the International Coach Federation (ICF). It’s also unique in that it offers a dual Health & Life Coaching certificate—so you can help others create transformation in all areas of their life.


      HCI’s primary instructors are Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters—both seasoned and highly successful Health Coaches themselves. Stacey and Carey created the Health Coach Institute and its foundational and graduate-level training programs to give other aspiring coaches the tools and training to become masterful coaches and launch thriving businesses. Stacey and Carey have coached thousands of clients in a way that has allowed them to make a great living and live a richly rewarding life—and it’s their mission to help other coaches do the same. They’re relatable and passionate about what they do, and their genius lies in turning what feels complicated into easy, accessible, and fun…because at HCI, we believe you should have fun while changing the world!

      We’re also honored to have partnered with top health and industry experts at the forefront of the healthcare revolution. Click here to see a full list of HCI’s visiting faculty.


      Included with the cost of your BHC tuition, you’ll also receive:

      Our Advanced Nutrition for Health Coaches training program, which includes 3 protocols for the top health conditions (heart disease, diabetes, and obesity).

      Your Life Coach training and certification at no additional cost, so you can expand your coaching practice and serve your clients in health AND life.

      An invitation to attend one of our in-person HCI Live events—a 3-day immersion training designed to connect you with other coaches and wellness practitioners and uplevel your coaching career.

      Access to a wealth of resources and tools to ensure your career-readiness and support your long-term professional success.


      Support is critical—especially when you’re learning online. That’s why we’ve designed our programs to be highly interactive. You’ll have frequent calls with your Success Coach and a small group of classmates, 24/7 access to the HCI tribe, regular Coaching Demo Lounges with your instructors, and our Support Team is always available to answer any questions that may arise during your training.


      Our heart-centered community is like no other and will cheer you on through every step of your journey—stretching, supporting, and encouraging you to achieve your career and life dreams. Plus, you’ll cultivate friendships and business connections that will last a lifetime.

      Personal Transformation

      HCI isn’t just a school—it’s a life-changer. In learning how to coach others to successfully transform their health and happiness, you’ll also gain the tools and knowledge to tackle any personal challenges you may be facing and become the best YOU possible. It’s the career that’s good for your health and well-being!


      You’ll work with practice clients while you’re in school, learn how to price your programs and market your business, and learn all of the fundamentals you’ll need to hit the ground running once you graduate—so you can get clients and earn a lucrative income.

      While we’re incredibly proud of everything we already highlighted above, what we’re probably most proud of is the mark our graduates are making in the world. In the past five years, over 16,000 students from nearly 90 countries have walked through our virtual doors, and they’re putting their training to use in unique and extraordinary ways that are making a meaningful difference in thousands of lives around the globe.

    • Who will I learn from?

      You’ll learn from some of the most respected names in the health, wellness, and coaching industries, including HCI’s co-founders and primary instructors Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters. Stacey and Carey are certified Health Coaches, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs who have co-founded three coach training businesses—taking them from startup to multi-million dollar revenues. Together, they’ve helped thousands of holistic health, nutrition, and personal growth professionals around the world turn their passion into profits making a lasting difference in the world. Click here to meet the rest of our visiting faculty

    • How much does Health Coach Institute cost?

      Training to become a Health Coach is an investment that pays off big if your goals are to:

      1. effectively help others transform their lives,
      2. earn a great living doing what you love, and
      3. be seen as credible in the eyes of potential clients and employers.

      We believe there’s no better return on investment than doing work that lights you up, aligns with your mission and values, and enables you to help others live their best lives—while living your best life too!

      At HCI, we make every effort to help you afford your training. We run seasonal promos with generous tuition discounts, offer amazing bonuses with enrollment, and also offer payment plans customized to your unique financial situation.

      To learn more, click here to book a time to chat with your dedicated Clarity Coach. (Consider them your personal encyclopedia on all things Health Coaching and Health Coach Institute!)

      Or, visit our pricing page for more information.

    • How long does your Health Coach program take to complete?

      Our foundational Become a Health Coach (BHC) program can be completed in as little as six months, but you have up to a year to complete the training (hello, busy lives!). Our graduate-level Coach Mastery training can be completed in nine months.

    • What types of certifications can I get?

      Upon completing our foundational Become a Health Coach (BHC) program, you’ll be certified as a Health & Life Coach by the Health Coach Institute. Upon completing Coach Mastery, you’ll receive dual certification in the Advanced Transformational Coaching Method and TCM Mastery.

    • Is Health Coach Institute accredited?

      Yes, Health Coach Institute’s Become a Health Coach (BHC) program is Continuing Coach Education (CCE) accredited* by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Both the Health Coach and Life Coach portions of the training have been reviewed by ICF and have been given program accreditation approval via the CCE designation. 


      We specifically chose the CCE designation to satisfy the needs of our students. Many of our adult learners cannot commit to live training on specific days and times, as required by other designations from ICF. Since we have students all over the world who need the ability to study flexibly on their own time, the CCE designation was the best option to accommodate our entire student base.

    • I like to read and compare Health Coaching reviews. Where can I locate Health Coach Institute Reviews?

      We are proud to maintain a rating of “Excellent” on Trustpilot. You can also see more feedback from our students on our Reviews page.

    • How many hours per week should I allot for completing course work?

      We’ve made sure to chunk down the pieces of the curriculum into completely manageable pieces. If you watch all the videos, show up to the Q&A calls, plan on about 5-7 hours per week.

    • Can I do this program while working a full-time job or being a full-time parent?

      YES! Absolutely. What you will learn in this course are habits that help you create a more spacious lifestyle and professionally inspire others to do the same which means less stress, more fun. If you only want to work part-time, then that’s your choice and it is possible to build a wildly successful business while working part-time. We are living proof!

    • I’m already a coach, will this be repetitive?

      Not at all. This is a unique training that’s rapidly redefining the health coaching industry. This work is based on cutting edge brain science, psychology, and Stacey and Carey’s experiences with thousands of clients. Plus, every session is exciting and fun. This is a great way to spice up your own coaching practice.

    • Do I have access to Carey & Stacey?

      YES! You will have monthly access to the ‘Coaching Demo Lounge’ with our founders. You will be able to ask Stacey and Carey questions, get advanced coaching tips, and hear how they intuitively coach others.

    • Are there any opportunities to meet with fellow students?

      Yes! Upon graduation of the BHC program, you will be gifted with a ticket to one of our 3-day live event experiences! These immersion events take place twice per year in the U.S. You will have the opportunity to learn advanced coaching skills, grow your business and collaborate with hundreds of other coaches from all over the world.

    • Does this training include any mentorship?

      Yes, you will have several coaching calls with an HCI Success Coach during your training. Our Success Coaches are master Health Coaches who have all created their own thriving Health Coach businesses so they know exactly what our students are going through, where they are headed and what it takes to succeed in the real world. They offer support in times of doubt, help our students overcome obstacles and are even there to celebrate their successes. Our Success Coaches walk the talk and show our students the way forward. They’re awesome!

  • About Health Coaching

    • What is a Health Coach?

      We define a Health Coach at HCI as: a trained professional who is passionate about healthy living in all areas of life and who wants to empower others to make that commitment to healthy living too. How Health Coaches choose to work with their clients varies depending on the services they choose to provide and what they choose to specialize in. But generally speaking, Health Coaches help their clients set goals to improve their health and wellness, create a plan to achieve their goals, address any negative habits or patterns that might prevent them from following through with their plan, and cultivate healthy habits that will help them thrive in life.

    • What does a Health Coach do?

      Health Coaches work in collaborative partnership with their clients to help them follow through with their health goals, providing support, guidance, accountability, and encouragement along the way. Health Coaches don’t tell their clients what to do; they believe their clients already hold the answers to the challenges they face. Their skill lies in knowing the right questions to ask to uncover unhealthy habits and thought patterns that are keeping their clients stuck. Health Coaches meet with their clients virtually, by phone, or in person, for a set time over a period of several months, acting as an unbiased observer and identifying any limiting beliefs that could be hampering their client’s growth. They then work with their clients to master healthy habits using our five-step process.

    • What’s the difference between a Health Coach and a therapist?

      This is a popular question we get asked A LOT. Health Coaches and therapists both provide counsel; but therapists help their clients work through and resolve past issues and traumas, whereas Health Coaches and Life Coaches work with clients on current obstacles and challenges. A coach’s main job is to help clients take results-oriented action to move from stuck in their lives to empowered and liberated. Another main difference is that coaches do not analyze, diagnose, or prescribe treatment, while therapists do.   

    • What types of Health Coaching programs do you offer?

      At Health Coach Institute, we offer a foundational Health Coach training (our Become a Health Coach (BHC) program). The training is 100% online, CCE-accredited* by the International Coach Federation, can be taken on your own schedule, and can be completed in six months.

      We also offer a nine-month graduate-level training called Coach Mastery, which provides master-level certification in Transformational Coaching and accelerated financial success business training for coaches who are looking to take their career and income to the next level. Coach Mastery is also 100% online and self-paced. 

    • What can I expect from your Health Coach courses? What will I learn?

      In our Become a Health Coach (BHC) program, you can expect to receive a solid foundation in the art, science, and business of Health Coaching so you can help clients create positive, sustainable change for themselves and launch a lucrative career. Our world-class curriculum includes lesson-based instruction, mentorship, and hands-on work with practice clients, and covers the four pillars of Health Coaching: Nutrition for Health Coaches, the Habit Change Coaching Method, Personal Growth (The Life Coach Certificate), and Proven Business & Marketing Systems. You’ll graduate with the nutrition knowledge and coaching skills to help others make positive changes that stick and the business and marketing know-how to get clients and make a great living. 

      In our Coach Mastery program, you can expect to receive graduate-level training to master the business and art of coaching. In this nine-month, high-level mentorship program, you’ll receive master-level certification in Transformational Coaching, as well as accelerated financial business training to take your inner confidence, coaching, and career to the next level. 

      Whereas BHC teaches coaching at the behavior and habit change level, Coach Mastery will teach you to become a wizard of transformation at the belief and identity level. This course is designed to help you elevate your coaching skills and confidence so you can help any client who walks through your door and break through fears and doubts that are limiting their success. At the end of your training, you’ll be able to add “Master Transformational Coaching Method Coach” to your resume.

    • Do you need a certification to become a Health Coach?

      No, you do not need any certification to practice as a Health Coach. Currently, Health Coaching is an unregulated industry. However, obtaining a certificate from a professional training program like ours is a great way to ensure that you have the requisite skill set to help others and build a thriving business—and also legitimizes you in the eyes of potential clients and employers.

    • How long will it take to get my Health Coach certification?

      If you choose to get your Health Coach certification through Health Coach Institute, you can earn your certificate in just six months. Once you complete the Become a Health Coach (BHC) program, you’ll earn the designation Certified Health Coach (CHC) from Health Coach Institute.

    • How do I know if Health Coaching is right for me?

      Health coaching is one of the most lucrative, fulfilling careers on the planet. Who doesn’t want to get paid for your own personal growth and making a big difference in people’s lives? Some students wonder if they will actually be able to make a living doing it. Others wonder if they will be taken seriously if they aren’t a doctor or registered dietitian. When we launched careers as health coaches, we worried about that too. It turns out that many of our grads are now earning as much as or more than a doctor working a lot fewer hours. Want to be inspired? Read their stories here.

    • Is there one centralized place I can learn everything I need to know about health coaching?

      Yes! Just download our ebook, The Definitive Guide to Health Coaching. This is a must-read for people who are serious about pursuing a career that can satisfy a strong desire to find meaningful work, and who are natural helpers and healers. Most people use it as a comprehensive reference guide, and a great resource to turn to for information that’s not readily available elsewhere.

    • Health Coaching Jobs

    • Where are the Health Coaching jobs?

      Health Coaching jobs are everywhere, and really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your career possibilities. As a Health Coach, you can choose to go into business for yourself (as many of our grads do), or you can choose from a number of exciting and lucrative career paths, working in: traditional medicine, corporate wellness, Functional Medicine practices, weight loss centers, fitness clubs, spas, chiropractic offices, community centers…the list goes on and on. Learn more about how to find Health Coach jobs online here.

    • What kind of Health Coach career can I have?

      The beauty of a Health Coaching career is that you have the freedom and flexibility to design your ideal career. So whether you’re looking to leave your corporate career behind to pursue something more meaningful full-time or you’re a stay-at-home parent looking to make some income in between school drop-offs and naptime, or you’re a military spouse in search of a flexible job you can do from anywhere in the world, or you’re a retiree looking to start a new chapter, or you’re looking to supplement your day job with a side hustle that leverages your passion for health and helping others—a Health Coaching career can work for you. Learn more about the various types of Health Coach careers you can pursue.

    • Will Health Coach Institute help me promote my Health Coaching business?

      As a student of Health Coach Institute, you’ll learn the fundamentals of effective business promotion in the marketing and business training module of the Become a Health Coach (BHC) program. You’ll also have the opportunity to share your profile on Health Coach Match, our exclusive Health Coach directory designed to connect HCI grads with clients who are looking for their services.

    • Health Coach Certifications

    • Do you need a Health Coach certification?

      You do not need a Health Coach certification to become a Health Coach, but at Health Coach Institute, we strongly recommend it for several reasons:

      1. Getting certified means you can be confident in your knowledge to help your clients make positive lifestyle changes and your ability to help them get the results they desire. 
      2. You’ll receive comprehensive business and marketing training to prepare you to launch a sustainable business. 
      3. You’ll be able to demonstrate to prospective clients and employers that you’ve been through a rigorous training program and will be a valuable resource for them.


      Learn why health coach certification programs are gaining popularity.

    • Are there regulations to practice Health Coaching? Do I need a license?

      Health coaches trained by the Health Coach Institute achieve “habit change” via coaching and do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of regulated clinical occupations. This makes graduates unlikely to encounter legal restrictions for their work as Health Coaches. We work with top legal advisors in this field including Emord & Associates who clarified this question in a 2017 legal memo. Here is a brief quote – “Health Coaches do not require a license to practice so long as they do not engage in state-regulated activities, such as the practice of medicine, chiropractic or dietetics. No state has established a license for health coaching as of the date of this correspondence, and likely will not in the future because health coaches do not pose a threat to the public health, which makes regulation unnecessary, and there has been a recent trend towards eliminating needless, restrictive regulation.”

      With their focus on habit change, the work of Health Coaches is highly complementary to clinical professions. Together with our faculty and advisors, including prominent medical doctors and legal experts, we are strongly committed to growing the field of Health Coaching as an integral part of the solution to the global health crisis without unnecessary or anti-competitive restrictions.

    • Health Coach Salary

    • How much do Health Coaches make?

      How much do Health Coaches make?

      Health Coach salaries can range widely depending on a number of factors, like:

      • Geographical location
      • Years of coaching experience
      • Coaching specialty
      • Products/services offered
      • Whether you’re employed by a company or self-employed 
      • Whether you’re certified 
      • Whether you work one-on-one with clients or with groups

      According to the International Coach Federation, the average global salary for Health Coaches is $51,000. However, as a Health Coach, your income isn’t fixed and if you choose to work for yourself, you can determine what fee to charge and what types of products and services to offer. Coaches who opt to offer more than just traditional one-on-one coaching (e.g. group coaching programs, leading seminars/workshops, blogging or authoring books, selling products online, etc.) can earn significantly more than the average salary noted above.

  • Life Coach

    • What does a Life Coach do?

      Life Coaches (or Lifestyle Coaches, as they’re sometimes referred to) help people step into the boldest, most empowered version of themselves by working with clients across three domains of well-being: physical, cognitive, and emotional. They may offer guidance for their clients in a number of areas, including but not limited to:

      • Finding work/life balance
      • Career transition
      • Stress management
      • Improving health
      • Increasing confidence
      • Setting financial goals
      • Buying a home
      • Pursuing an education
      • Improving relationships
      • Launching a business 
      • Improving communication skills

      Ultimately, Life Coaches help their clients get clear on what they want out of life, identify obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their goals, and create an action plan for success. 

    • Life Coach Careers

    • What kind of Life Coach career can I have?

      There’s no shortage of career options for Life Coaches. As a Lifestyle Coach, you can work one-on-one with clients, lead group programs, book speaking engagements, author books, sell products and courses, lead seminars and retreats, run your own podcast, work in a university or corporate setting…the sky’s the limit!

    • Life Coaching Jobs

    • Where are the Life Coaching jobs?

      Life Coaching jobs are everywhere! Everyone is hiring Life Coaches—from individuals and corporations to actors and entrepreneurs—and even past presidents. If you choose to start your own Life Coaching business, the internet makes it easier than ever to find potential clients using methods like paid advertising, social media, organic search, and content marketing. (Side Note: If you’re an HCI student, we help connect our grads with clients via our exclusive Health & Life Coach directory Health Coach Match!) If you are more interested in finding a position with an employer, there are many listings for Life Coaches on online job sites and LinkedIn. You can also find opportunities via staffing firms and networking with professional organizations.

    • Life Coaching Certifications

    • Do you need a Life Coach certification?

      While you do not need a Life Coaching certification to become a Life Coach, a professional training program will give you the most solid coaching and business foundation to help others make positive change in their lives and make a great living doing it. 

      A professional training program (like our dual Health & Life Coach training program) will teach you how to get to the WHY behind clients’ reasons for staying stuck in their lives and HOW to help them break the cycle so they follow through and achieve their goals. Our program will teach you how to identify patterns that are sabotaging your clients’ success and what questions to ask to help them have major breakthroughs. You’ll also learn the key ingredients to create lasting transformation for your clients and for yourself (because as a student of HCI, you’ll be your own first client). And finally, you’ll learn how to put what you’ve learned into practice and launch an in-demand career using our proven business and marketing systems.

    • What kind of Life Coach training do you have?

      We believe that Health Coaching and Life Coaching go hand in hand—and that is precisely why we include Life Coach training as part of our six-month dual Become a Health Coach (BHC) program

      Health Coaches are trained professionals who empower others with the tools and knowledge to live healthfully. 

      Life Coaches are trained professionals who help people bring health to all three domains of life (physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being). 

      As you can see, these professions aren’t mutually exclusive. They should draw on elements from one another to serve clients on the most holistic level. 

      When you enroll in BHC, you’ll learn the fundamentals to help others create transformation as a Health OR Life Coach: Nutrition for Health Coaches, the Habit Change Coaching Method, Personal Growth (The Life Coach Certificate), and Business & Marketing Systems. What that means is that you’ll graduate with the skills and knowledge to work with clients across a broader spectrum and help them on a much deeper level.

    • Life Coach Salary

    • How much do Life Coaches get paid?

      Sources vary widely on the subject, but according to the International Coach Federation, the global average Life Coach salary in 2016 was $51,000. In North America, that figure was $61,900 in 2016. Life Coach incomes can be impacted by a number of factors, like:

      • The coach’s physical location
      • How much experience they have
      • What skills/specialities the coach has
      • Whether the coach is self-employed or works for a company
      • Whether the coach is certified or not
      • What types of services and/or products they’re offering
      • Whether the coach works with individuals or groups

      The most well-paid coaches branch out beyond traditional 1-on-1 coaching and offer other products or services. Learn more about how you can maximize your Life Coach salary.

  • Nutrition

    • Is there a nutrition component to your training?

      Yes! The first module of our Become a Health Coach (BHC) program teaches the fundamentals of nutrition. You’ve likely heard of Functional Medicine, which is an approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease, rather than just treating symptoms with prescriptions or surgery. Functional Nutrition is the nutrition side of that approach and it’s central to what we teach in our training program. With this approach to nutrition, our graduates can help their clients move from knowing what they need to do to get healthy to actually doing it. This cutting-edge approach to nutrition:

      • Takes a holistic approach
      • Uses targeted diet and lifestyle changes
      • Is based on bio-individuality
      • Triggers healing and builds health from a cellular level
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