Enhance your healing practice as a Health Coach

Become a Health Coach in 6 Months!

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Health Coaching in the US is a $6 billion industry, forecasted to grow to almost $8 billion by 2022, with over 120,000 practicing coaches.

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CCE Accredited from ICF*

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Graduates have earned $5,000 - $10,000 per month or more.

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100% online. Learn from anywhere in the world.

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No prerequisites. Anyone passionate about health can become a coach.

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Join over 20,000 successful graduates from 30 countries who are getting paid to do what they love.

Are you a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, or other Healer who wants to help your students experience greater health and spiritual healing?

Become a Health Coach.

As a certified Health Coach, you can support your clients to feel their best in mind, body, and spirit:

Teach an integrated approach to health and healing that’s rooted in habit change and healthy lifestyle design

Become a Master of Habit Change and learn how to coach clients to make positive changes that stick outside of your healing space

Empower your clients to be active participants in their own healing

Expand the scope and reach of your practice as a HOLISTIC HEALER

Your role as a Healer is vital. It’s also one of many important roles Health Coaches play.

As a Health Coach, you can complement your healing practice and maximize your impact by helping your clients heal from the inside out.

In our six-month Become a Health Coach program, you’ll learn cutting-edge nutrition protocols and powerful coaching methods to help your clients transform their health and master healthy habits that serve them for life. You’ll also gain the business and marketing skills to grow your business and attract more clients.

Learn more about how our flexible online training program can complement your yoga practice and help you support your clients in holistic health.

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