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Level Up Coaching gives you more of what you love from Coach Mastery—and more!


In Level Up Coaching, you have TEN, 90-minute coaching sessions with an expert Empowerment Coach to work on your inner-game (TCM) or outer-game (Business). This one-on-one time with your coach is where you choose what to work on, each and every time. You’ll work with your coach to set goals, blast through stuck points, and create a roadmap to your success with action steps, support, and more.


Our virtual events feature dynamic speakers and renowned guest experts. When you join Level Up Coaching, you automatically receive a Virtual Event Ticket, giving you access to one-of-a-kind content that you can’t find anywhere else.

Get more of the support, connection, and community you love in Level Up Coaching with a members-only Facebook group.

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The truth is, your investment in Level Up Coaching simply covers costs. This is our gift to you for investing so much of yourself, your time, and your resources into this community, as well as our way of continuing to support you to become the best coach, the best business owner, and the best person you can be.

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Invest in Full today for $1997 for the best deal!

Monthly Payments

$1100/mo for 2 months

Make two monthly payments of $1100 each for a total investment of $2200

Level Up Coaching FAQs

  • Is my first payment refundable?

    Yes! You have until seven (7) days from your initial purchase (“Refund Period”) to contact to request a full refund or via mail provided such request is
    mailed to the Company, attn: Refund, 800 W Main St Ste 1460, Boise, ID 83702 (postmarked prior
    to expiration of the Refund Period.) If you elect to defer the Course to a later date, the refund period still ends on the expiration of the Refund Period. After that date, all purchases are non-
    refundable and students are responsible for payment in full. Payment plans cannot be cancelled after the Refund Period. Violation of the terms of this Agreement for any reason, including non-
    payment, voids Student’s right to a refund.

  • For those students on the payment plan, when do my payments begin?

    After the first payment, all other payments will be charged 30 days later. Payment plan payments will be charged every 30 subsequent days.

  • How much is the payment plan?

    If you opt in to the payment plan, you will make your first payment of $1100 today and then your second payment in 30 days. You can also invest-in-full today for $1997.

  • I’m financing through a third party, what do my payments look like?

    Please check your order form where this new plan will be written. You can also contact the third party company for further information.

  • When does my course begin?

    Students can book their first coaching session as soon as Ts+Cs are signed, no start date.