More Coaching.
More Connection.
More of What You Love.

You’ve invested so much of your time, your resources, and yourself to get to where you are today. Now, we want to help take you even further.

That’s why we created a very special, custom offering for Coach Mastery students and grads only, where you’ll take all that you’ve learned and put it into ACTION! It’s time to Level Up!


In these 90-minute coaching sessions, you have one-on-one time with an Empowerment Coach, where you choose what to work on. Inner-game (TCM) work? No problem. Outer-game (Business) work? You’ve got it! The choice is yours, each and every time.


Gain access to one-of-a-kind content with a ticket to HCI Retreats! You’ll attend customized breakout sessions exclusively held for Level Up Coaching students, hear from our dynamic speakers and renowned guest experts, and mastermind with other Coach Mastery grads.


Building a business doesn’t have to feel isolating. Receive an invite to our members-only Facebook group to idea swap, uplift, and encourage fellow Level Up classmates.


Do you have tons of ideas but no clue how to pour them out? Need clarity on your niche and your offer? Take the pressure off of figuring everything out on your own with the business support you need!


Do you have tons of ideas but no clue how to pour them out? Need clarity on your niche and your offer? Take the pressure off of figuring everything out on your own with the business support you need!


Our health coaching curriculum is based on cutting edge psychology, brain science, nutrition, intuitive listening, habit change and healthy lifestyle design.

I am so thankful for Level Up Coaching! After finishing TCM I was not ready to let go of the support and structure HCI provides. Having the 9, 90 min sessions really was a breath of fresh air as I worked on building my coaching business. Going to retreats has helped me continue to learn, grow, and build amazing relationships. It has been great to have the option of either a TCM or BA coach. My Coach was firm, kind, insightful, fun, and an overall amazingly talented coach. With her help, I was able to let go of many limiting beliefs and really step out of my shell. She helped me become more confident in building my business, and with her help, I am taking empowered action in my life and business. Thank you, Stacey and Carey, for providing the option of Leveling Up. I would not be where I am today without it.

– Jennifer Nielsen Fernandez

I signed up for Level Up Coaching before I finished my Mastery training. I knew that I still needed work to build my fledgling business and also needed more help overcoming those outdated beliefs, doubts, and identities that have kept me from thriving on my own. I have always felt that I can promote the crap out of anyone else, but when it came to promoting myself that it was selfish, self-aggrandizing, and just in general bad taste. I knew I had the experience and skills to walk beside people as they shifted their own outdated crap, but being able to tell them in a way that was clear and aligned was still out of my reach. In a nutshell, Level Up Coaching gave me the support that I still needed to begin growing my business. With each BA and TCM call, I could feel myself moving closer and closer to the precipice, and I’m about ready to strap on my glider and soar!

– Melissa Holman

I was so excited when Stacy and Carey announced they were adding Level Up Coaching! I knew I wasn’t ready to be without more support as I continued to evolve my coaching business. I loved having 9 sessions that were all 90 minutes. I was happy to hear that we got to choose either TCM or Business focused sessions. My favorite sessions were the ones with coaches who are proficient at both, because often times I needed a bit of both. Thank you HCI for coming up with this next level offering! I finally feel like I’ve grown up as a coach. I am working with clients in my niche!

– Krista Hoffman

When I heard about Level Up, to be honest, I didn’t think twice – more coaching sessions, retreat, special bonus! I was surprised about the low cost for such a tremendous benefit. I don’t regret any penny spent with HCI. My personal growth, mindset and how I live my life right now will never be the same. I am so grateful for Carey, Stacey, Kari Morin, Lisa Callahan and all of you, my Tribe!

– Gabriela Velasco

My truth: I have SUATMM Syndrome in regard to HCI. Shut Up And Take My Money When I learned about Level Up Coaching, I was the 2nd person at the table to sign up… it was so important to stay “in the room” with my HCI family. Level Up has been an incredibly potent balm in a much-needed crazy time in my life. Everything from my home life to my marriage to my physical health and especially my business!

– Jenny Beecher


The truth is, your investment in Level Up Coaching simply covers costs. This is our gift to you for investing so much of yourself, your time, and your resources into this community.

We’re so excited to continue supporting you as you become the best coach, the best business owner, and the best person you can be.



Invest in Full today for$1997 USDfor the best deal!



2 EASY PAYMENTS OF$1100 USD eachfor a total investment of $2200

Level Up Coaching FAQs

  • Is my first payment refundable?

    Yes! You have until seven (7) days from your initial purchase (“Refund Period”) to contact
    support@healthcoachinstitute.com to request a full refund or via mail provided such request is
    mailed to the Company, attn: Refund, 800 W Main St Ste 1460, Boise, ID 83702 (postmarked prior
    to expiration of the Refund Period.) If you elect to defer the Course to a later date, the refund period still ends on the expiration of the Refund Period. After that date, all purchases are non-
    refundable and students are responsible for payment in full. Payment plans cannot be cancelled after the Refund Period. Violation of the terms of this Agreement for any reason, including non-
    payment, voids Student’s right to a refund.

  • For those students on the payment plan, when do my payments begin?

    After the first payment, all other payments will be charged 30 days later. Payment plan payments will be charged every 30 subsequent days.

  • How much is the payment plan?

    If you opt in to the payment plan, you will make your first payment of $1100 today and then your second payment in 30 days. You can also invest-in-full today for $1997.

  • I’m financing through a third party, what do my payments look like?

    Please check your order form where this new plan will be written. You can also contact the third party company for further information.

  • When does my course begin?

    Students can book their first coaching session as soon as Ts+Cs are signed, no start date.