If I were the bravest version of myself I would…

  • Quit my day job and follow my heart’s truest desires
  • Pick up that musical instrument I’ve always wanted to try
  • Tell you I love you with all my heart
  • Backpack solo around the world
  • Move to my dream city
  • Live in the country
  • End relationships that no longer serve my highest good
  • Dress sexy just to feel beautiful inside
  • Show my talents to the world and not be afraid of what anyone thinks
  • Tell my boss I’m worthy of a raise
  • Party like I did in my twenties
  • Break free of family dynamics that are no longer serving me
  • Become the talented writer/poet/dancer/cook/singer that I know I am in my heart
  • Make a million dollars while having a lot of fun
  • Volunteer overseas like I’ve always wanted to
  • Bungee jump off the highest bridge
  • Start my own business
  • Live my life on my own terms
  • Trust that life will support me if I choose to follow my dreams
  • Surrender to my calling
  • Own my beauty
  • Become a leader in my community
  • Try something I’ve always wanted to try but never had the courage to before
  • Love without fear
  • Go after the career I’ve always wanted to have
  • Treat my body like a temple
  • Make sexually empowered choices
  • Eat food that feels good to my soul
  • Treat the earth with loving-kindness
  • Build my own house
  • Spend six months in the wilderness
  • Invest in my education
  • Be a stay-at-home-parent
  • Wake up at dawn to exercise
  • Quit dieting
  • Stop being a victim
  • Be mindful
  • Raise my children in a village
  • Ride my bicycle instead of my car
  • Network because I’m worth it
  • Ask for help
  • Live alone
  • Come out of the closet
  • Listen to my intuition
  • Learn another language
  • Dare to master my art
  • Love with an open heart
  • Not be afraid to cry
  • Deepen my spiritual practice
  • Heal my dis-ease
  • Stop comparing myself to others
  • Love me for me
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What would YOU do if you were the bravest version of yourself? Leave a comment below. Let’s inspire one another to become THE brightest, boldest, biggest and bravest versions of ourselves ever!

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