Coaching Others on Stress: How to Help Your Clients Reduce Overwhelm


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Course Overview

Learn how to relax in the face of triggering situations. Access your own inner touchstones of peace and calm.

During the 6 Master Your Stress modules, you’ll learn:

  • Module 1: Introduction to stress – Learn how to define stress, how it affects your body, and identify your own personal stress levels.
  • Module 2: The impacts of stress – Get to know the physical, emotional, and social impacts of stress including aging, digestion, how it impacts your family and productivity, and identify unhealthy coping mechanisms caused by stress.
  • Module 3: Managing the physical aspects of stress – Learn how proper nutrition, detoxification, massage, joyful movement, and sleep can help relieve stress and how to incorporate them into your everyday life.
  • Module 4: Managing the emotional and social impacts of stress – Identify how to support yourself and others in stressful times by using relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, as well as gratitude, growth and abundance mindset.
  • Module 5: Managing stress through self-care – Strengthen your self-care and compassion, work through time- management strategies known to relieve stress, and identify positive and healthy habits to help you find inner calm instantly.
  • Module 6: Creating your personal stress management plan – Using concepts in modules 1-5, you’ll complete reflective activities to help you create a personalized plan you can use every day whenever you begin to feel stressed.



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By the end of this course, you’ll understand how to manage the physical, emotional, and social impacts of stress and have a personalized plan that works for your lifestyle. Brooke Jeffries, Lead Instructor

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