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Ready to become a personal trainer and do work you love while helping others become the best and strongest versions of themselves?

Health Coach Institute’s Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) program is a foundational training designed to prepare you to become the most effective personal trainer, capable of designing personalized fitness goals and training programs.

Get the skills and knowledge needed to effectively coach clients through the personal training process and support them in reaching their health and fitness goals. This program is aligned with the NASM-CPT exam and Standards of Knowledge and is designed to prepare you to take the NASM-CPT exam.


About the Certified Personal Trainer Course

Here's what you need to know:

  • Go-at-your-own-pace, online course

  • Complete the course and become a Health Coach Institute Certified Personal Trainer in as little as 2 months, with lifetime access to the course

  • No clinical hours, or externship required in order to receive certificate

  • Prepares you with all necessary requirements and knowledge to sit for the NASM-CPT Certification

  • 100% online. Study anytime, anywhere

  • Mix of video lessons and activities so you can learn while doing

  • Quizzes are taken after each lesson and are aligned with the NASM Standards of Knowledge to prepare you for the NASM-CPT exam

  • Work in partner Skills Labs designed to help apply your knowledge and practice coaching

  • Instruction that teaches you not just what to train, but how to train

  • No book or training materials to buy

  • Learn from recognized industry experts in personal training, nutrition, and Health and Life coaching

Meet Your Instructors

Eoghan O'Kelly
Eoghan O'Kelly
Certified Personal Trainer Lead Instructor & Coach
Eoghan O'Kelly is a renowned trainer and founder of the Hanuman Health Club—a New York City gym dedicated to educating members how to take ownership of their physical ability with a mindful connection to movement and exercise quality for improved health and longevity. As the creator of the proprietary Empowered Movement Model which guides clients to focus on cardiovascular fitness, strength and power, and recovery as the three keys to developing overall health and fitness, Eoghan is passionate about shifting a fitness industry obsessed with aesthetics and appearance to one that focuses on empowerment and function.
Jamie Botti
Jamie Botti
Jamie Botti Certified Personal Trainer Assistant Instructor & Coach
Jamie Botti is a personal trainer and yoga instructor at Hanuman Health Club as well as a certified Health Coach. Jamie works with clients who are looking to move and feel better in their everyday lives. She works with people of all ages, body types and capabilities and encourages her clients to find the joy in the journey on their way to their goals. Through consistency, steady micro progressions and attention to detail, Jamie guides her clients towards a better relationship with their bodies by helping them develop a deeper kinesthetic awareness.
Carey Peters
Carey Peters
Carey Peters Certified Personal Trainer Guest Expert & Coach
Carey Peters is the co-founder of Health Coach Institute and the Become a Health Coach program. She’s a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, author, speaker and successful Health Coach with over 12 years of expertise. She teaches about how to utilize Habit Change coaching in the CPT program.
Keri Glassman
Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN
Certified Personal Trainer Guest Nutrition Expert
Keri Glassman has been a pioneer in the nutrition and health industry for 15+ years, and is the author of four bestselling books. Keri developed the Nutritious Life Master Certified Nutrition Coach Training (NLMC)—a cutting-edge nutrition and wellness program. Keri often appears in national media outlets as a leading expert on topics including nutrition, fitness, and wellness trends.

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What You’ll Learn Inside Certified Personal Trainer

During the 24 Certified Personal Trainer lessons, you’ll learn:

MODULE 1: The Science of Personal Training:
Lesson 1: Introduction to Personal Training
Lesson 1
Introduction to Personal Training
Lesson 2: Fitness Assessment
Lesson 2
Fitness Assessment
Lesson 3: Empowered Movement Model
Lesson 3
Empowered Movement Model


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