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BHC 2.0 — The Revamp is Here!

What’s been happening behind the scenes at Health Coach Institute? This…!!! Become a Health Coach aka BHC is not just our signature Health Coaching program, it’s our baby and we’re proud to announce that our incredible Learning Team has been hard at work behind the scenes revamping, remaking, up-leveling, re-creating BHC—now ready to rock your […]

6.29.18 | Shani Raviv

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Why Men Need Male Health Coach Role Models

Scott Leeper is a Marine Corps vet turned Health Coach who is equal muscle and heart. This month of June, we celebrate Men’s Health Month and are featuring Scott for the courage it took for him to pull himself out of the dark night of his soul and transform his life so he can go […]

6.21.18 | Shani Raviv

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Owning Your Sensitivity As Power

We live in a culture in which we are led to believe that if we wear our hearts on our sleeves and show the full range of our emotions that we will not be accepted for who we truly are. We are taught to swallow our fears and put on a brave face and be […]

3.16.18 | Admin

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Health Coach Featured on Ted X Talks About Her Self-Love Victory

Holly Toronto is a BHC grad turned HCI Success Coach as well as the founder of Love Your Body where she utilizes her Health Coaching skills to help free her clients from body shame and food fixation without dieting, deprivation or militant exercise. Holly was recently featured on the Ted X Lincoln Square Looking Beyond blog with […]

1.12.18 | Admin

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