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Resources, tools, information and information to support your Health Coaching journey

Hey, Rockstar!

We are super excited you chose to embark on this life-changing career journey with us to spark aliveness and transform the way we do health. You’re in for an incredible ride and you can count on us (and your Tribe) to support you and cheer you on every step of the way! Consider this Resource page an extension of that support…your go-to for all things informational and inspirational. It’s the place you can keep turning to for enrichment, motivation, exploration, education, growth, opportunity, community, connection, tips, talks, events, and answers to your burning questions. So settle in, turn up the music, and dig in to all the juicy content we’ve curated especially for you! And remember, you are never alone on this path…your Tribe has your back, so don’t hesitate to reach out at any point. Thank you for joining the Health Coach revolution and sparking the change with us. To Your AMAZING Future! xoxo Stacey & Carey, HCI Co-Founders

Better Than Ever Podcast

The path to your better than ever life begins here! Join HCI’s Better Than Ever Podcast featuring powerhouse experts, coaches, grads, and other special guests who explore a range of topics like self-love, solopreneurship, leadership, mindset, transformational turning points, and even…taxes! Put your earbuds in, turn up the volume, and get ready for some major “Aha’s”.

HCI Blog

Whether you’re in search of coaching resources, tips, techniques, and tools; grad success stories; empowering life lessons; tasty new recipes to add to your rotation; or inspirational downloads; you can find it and MORE on the blog. Click the button below now for an instant brainwave boost!

Access Your Training

The Learning Management System, or LMS as we like to call it, is your launch pad and landing pad. It’s where you can access your Become a Health Coach training course content 24/7, connect with your peers, learn your trade, lean on your tribe, and so much more!

HCI Community

Want to connect with other students, grads, and potential employers all in one convenient location? HCI Community is an exclusive online community where you can check in, post questions, share events, join groups specific to your interests and/or niche, search job postings, and so much more. It’s the place to connect, network, explore, and share online…become a member today!

Coach Connect

We’re all about helping you take your coaching practice to the next level, and our industry-first app does just that! Coach Connect combines the personal touch of one-on-one coaching with the ease and convenience of a mobile app. With over 20 done-for-you programs, fitness tracker integration, self-guided onboarding, in-app reminders, customizable plans, online customer support and more, Coach Connect is revolutionizing the way we do coaching.

Health Coach Match

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have future clients seek YOU out? Our new site Health Coach Match connects people seeking Coaches with their perfect Health Coach “match”. The site’s sophisticated search functionality allows potential clients to:

  • Filter Health Coach results by location, niche, and more
  • Review Health Coach bios to learn more about their unique background and approach
  • Request a free consultation (so they can fall in love with your coaching style and become your paying client!)

HCI Marketplace

Show your love for Health Coaching and help spark the change with us! Hit up the HCI Marketplace for fun, fashionable swag you can deck yourself out in from head to toe. Warning: May turn heads and wow strangers into HCI fans!

Coaching Career SupporT

The world is your fresh, wild oyster! Health Coaching is exploding as a career choice as it expands into mainstream medicine, the corporate world, gyms, wellness centers, and beyond. Employers are waiting for YOU to bring your specific expertise to their clients!

We created our Career Services department to help prepare you to take your Health Coaching career to the next level. It’s where you can go for career information and tools to assist you in finding that perfect employer “fit” and help putting your best foot forward. We also offer LIVE Open Office Hours twice a month, where we address topics like resume development, interview do’s and don’ts, how to search for open positions, and more.

Upcoming Events

Continuous education and connection are KEY to your future Health Coaching career success. That’s why we regularly offer virtual and in-person training events and retreats designed to help you learn, grow, coach with confidence, and shine your light into the world.

Connect With Us

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts, and YouTube channel to scoop out the latest HCI happenings, connect with your Tribe, share in one another’s successes, and discuss challenges and stumbling blocks. Don’t be shy…our channels are a place to be seen, be heard, be encouraged, be uplifted, be stretched, be bold, be beautiful, and be YOU!

Share Your Journey With US

Every one of us has a rags to riches, sickness to health, victim to survivor to thriver, or wannabe coach to rockstar solopreneur coach story to share. What’s yours? This is your time to stop hiding, get vulnerable, be real, and reveal the authentic YOU so others can be inspired to do the same.