Pillar 3

Personal Growth


  • Discover “The Big 5”: areas of your life that reflect your alignment with your purpose. When one area is out of whack, it affects all other areas.
  • Discover how your work as a health coach affects every area of your clients’ lives, not just their health. (This is true for you as well as your clients.)
  • Discover how to combine the richness of your personal history, experience and expertise with your new career as a Health Coach
  • Discover why Money is a part of your spiritual path, and the shadow beliefs (the ones you don’t even know you have) that are likely sabotaging your ability to make and keep more money while making a bigger difference
  • Discover how to transform your Money Legacy and take control of your financial destiny (while doing what you love)
  • Learn how to be supported in your new career by family, spouses, partners, friends, co-workers and more
  • Discover how to ask for what you want…..and get it (this 4 step system is so simple it’s jaw-dropping)
  • Discover how to connect your career to your PURPOSE, so your work goes beyond your gain and benefits those who have not yet arrived
  • Discover how to help your clients (and yourself) feel beautiful, without changing how you look


  • The “Big 5” Areas Of Life
  • Health
  • Money
  • Love/Relationships
  • Your Calling/Career
  • Your Connection To Something Greater
  • The Results Health Coaching Gets In Every Area Of Life
  • The Personal Blueprint: How To Bring Your Personal History Into Your New Career
  • Money And Your Spiritual Path
  • Money As A Relationship
  • Your Money Mirror
  • Transforming Your Money Legacy
  • Transforming Your Body Legacy
  • Self-Sabotage
  • How to Ask For What You Want And Get It
  • Feminine Energy
  • Masculine Energy
  • “Either/Or” Versus “Both and More”
  • The Desire List
  • Magic Words For Women To Say To Men
  • Magic Words For Men To Say to Women
  • Self-Authorizing
  • Connecting Your Career To Your Purpose
  • The What’s Worth Fighting For Exercise
  • Gratitude & Appreciation
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