Leah Wendel

Leah Wendel

Relevant Experience and Credentials

  •  Success Coach at Health Coach Institute (Sept. 2019 – present)
  •  Health Coach Institute, Completed TCM and TCM Mastery (2018 – 2019)
  •  Health Coach Institute, Completed BHC (2017 – 2018)
  •  Success Coach at Leah Wendel Coaching at www.leahwendel.com (2017 – present)

Educational Background

  •  Business Administration, AAS Degree, Highline Community College (1987 – 1989)
  •  Cortiva Institute of Seattle, School of Massage (2010 – 2011)
  •  Health Coach Institute, Life and Health Coach Certifications (2017 – 2019)

Further Information

After spending over two decades in the corporate world as a legal assistant and seven years in private practice as a licensed massage therapist, Leah understands that coaching and mentoring are about cultivating relationships for growth and connection in addition to developing a positive mindset to manage self-doubt and fear. In her private coaching practice, she supports clients in breaking free from limiting beliefs and old patterns so they can reclaim who they really are and life full out. Using her 5-step process, clients learn self-empowerment techniques which gives them the courage to confidentially face fears head-on and are energized to do what it takes to achieve their vision of success! Leah is passionate about supporting others on their personal growth journey and her mission is to end needless mental suffering caused by limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

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