Riyana Rose Sang

  • Studied Women’s Spirituality at Naropa University
Coaching Credentials and Experience:
  • Success Coach at Health Coach Institute (Feb. 2017 – present)
  • Herbalist, Counselor & Transformational Coach at www.riyanarose.com
  • Former Program Director, Herbalist, Teacher at Ohlone Herbal Center
  • Former Herbal Specialist at Gathering Thyme
Further Information:

Riyana began her coaching journey with a deep dive into herbalism and working with plant medicine almost five years ago. While in herb school, she started working with Stacey and Carey first to develop her business skills and later to learn the powerful transformational coaching techniques that she witnessed on every call and at every live event.

Today, she stands for the empowerment and liberation of women and the feminine through deep connection to the earth, self, and one another. She guides others to heal– heart and soul, mind and body, through herbal counseling and transformational coaching, and specializes in working with women, who are pregnant, postpartum or confronting infertility challenges, hypothyroidism, anxiety, depression, or seasonal affective disorder.

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