Diane Poulios

Diane Poulios is a nurse by trade and never anticipated making a career change. But when her two children grew up and moved out, she found herself reevaluating her life and realized she wanted something to call her own.

Diane enrolled in a coaching program, but she didn’t feel as though it gave her the tools she needed to put her skills into practice. She enrolled in the Become a Health Coach program in 2015 and then launched her own business. It grew slowly at first and Diane continued working at her regular job as a nurse recruiter. Eventually, Diane started putting her coaching skills to work…at work!

She’d noticed that a lot of nurses who became managers or leaders ended up with declining health as they focused on helping everyone else. Diane wanted to do something to help them. With her experience as a nurse, combined with the coaching skills she learned as a BHC student, she began coaching her co-workers.

Eventually, an executive leader asked her to run a Life Coaching group for leaders. Diane found herself putting a lot of energy into coaching at work, but wasn’t getting paid for it—so she decided to do something about it.

Diane wanted to enroll in Mastery to advance her skills, but the cost was prohibitive. So she thought of an outside-the-box solution. She approached leadership at her company and asked them to pay for it. She filled out a proposal and it was approved.

As a Mastery student, Diane used her skills to advance her position at work. She started a coaching program for leadership within in her business to help nurses learn to care for themselves and for their patients. Diane got a raise and now teaches nurses and leaders to give care the right way and care for themselves, enhancing their professional development.

It was a big stretch for her, but Diane credits Mastery with her unique, impactful, and successful new career path. Diane has used the tools she learned in Mastery to help nurses be more patient and present with the patients in their care. She says that the skills she learned at HCI provided a great framework of caring for each other and it melds her nursing experience with an atmosphere of care, energy, and communication.

Mastery also helped Diane improve her relationship with her husband and her kids. She’s learned how to look at life more positively and create a world that fulfills her dreams.

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