Holly Toronto

Prior to enrolling at HCI, Holly Toronto worked in the fashion industry, where she felt compelled to uphold certain diet and body standards. She found herself struggling with disordered eating. After realizing not only was this unhealthy, but that she wanted more for her life, Holly embarked on a journey to accept and celebrate her body. As a result, she realized she wanted to help other women learn how they can live in a world where they never have to go on a diet again so they can focus on what’s most important to them.

Holly enrolled in the Become a Health Coach program, completing BHC in 2015. She thought that completing the program would be the hard part—but her entrepreneurial journey ended up having the most impactful growth and change.

Holly launched her coaching business in 2016 and in the first couple of years of her business, she found herself struggling to grow her business and earn enough money to replace her corporate job. She found herself measuring her success by how much money she was earning and when she didn’t begin earning as much as she wanted, she even considered returning to her safe corporate job.

But in 2017, her journey took another turn when she enrolled in HCI’s Mastery program. She joined a mastermind group of women in Mastery who had created amazing 6-figure businesses. She realized, If they could do it, she could too. Holly realized that as long as she was focusing on the external measures of achievement, she would never be truly happy—and would never grow her business.

In 2018, Holly saw a huge shift in her business. With the support of her fellow HCI students, Holly gave herself permission to stop holding back and create the programs she wanted to create. She participated in HCI’s $10k in 10 Weeks challenge and made $34k. She’s now made more money in just four months than the whole previous year. She says the biggest difference was how she showed up for herself and her business. In her journey, she’s had moments of joy and expansion and massive moments of contraction, doing deep work with coaches and her mastermind group. She credits the HCI community with holding a higher vision for her.

Through the personal development work she completed as a BHC and Mastery student, she realized she was worthy and complete before a single dollar makes it into her bank account. Holly now helps her clients learn to expand their choices and not limiting themselves to the path they think they should take and instead living into their true purpose.

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