We live in a culture in which we are led to believe that if we wear our hearts on our sleeves and show the full range of our emotions that we will not be accepted for who we truly are. We are taught to swallow our fears and put on a brave face and be courageous.
But what if the most courageous act is to be our authentic selves, which includes our sensitive selves. The self that feels deeply, that gets wounded, that feels empathy and compassion and humility. It’s the opposite of living in our ego self.
HCI CEO, Eric Neuner, wrote a personal letter to his 13-year-old self to highlight the importance of owning your sensitivity as power. He was bullied incessantly as a young boy and instead of owning the part of him that was bullied, his light, his gifts, he thought he needed to suppress it, cover it up and ‘man’ up.
He calls out to each and every one of us not to shy away from our sensitive side and close our hearts but instead to embrace our sensitivities as our greatest strengths and to live with an open heart that is receptive and loving.
Watch Eric’s touching and inspiring video below.

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