Successful health coaches are not simply defined by their achievements in the field but by the skills and qualities they embody.

The appeal of becoming a health coach continues to rise given the relative increase in cases of patients with chronic diseases. Not to mention the rise in people who are paying close attention to their health and wellness.

Nowadays, health coaching is viewed as an important part of the healthcare industry as opposed to service of luxury for those whose livelihoods are anchored in their body image.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that the industry is projected to grow at 5.4% on average in its value annually. By 2022, it is forecasted that the industry will be worth $7.8 billion.

As these predictions are unfolding, the number of health coaches is increasing. But success in the field can only be achieved when the following skills and qualities are satisfied.

  1.       Lifelong learning
  2.       Goal setting
  3.       Entrepreneurial skills
  4.       Active listening
  5.       Holistic Thinking
  6.       Valuing relationships
  7.       Empathy
  8.       Adaptability
  9.       Consistency
  10.       Professionalism

1. Lifelong Learning

There is no shortage when it comes to new knowledge and skills in the health coaching industry.

Being a lifelong learner is a clear advantage if you are a health coach as you don’t simply expand your expertise and proficiencies, you widen your perspective as well.
Particularly if you are inclined to read recent research on the field of nutrition, psychology, brain development, and counselling.

2. Goal setting

The ability to set the right goals is a huge plus for a health coach.

Goal setting is a vital skill and tool in the process of health coaching. It requires critical thinking and foresight.

A health coach who masters this skill executes the foundation of the health coach’s role.

3. Entrepreneurial skills

While a health coach is in demand in many institutions such as hospitals, companies, schools, and wellness centers, most of the benefits of becoming a health coach are reaped in an entrepreneurial setting.

Thereby, having entrepreneurial skills such as strategic thinking, branding, networking, and financial management bring out not only financial success but a reliable reputation as well.

4. Active listening

Being able to pay attention without judgment and complete interest is a must-have skill that allows you to establish rapport with your client.

A healthy coach-client relationship is one of the main requirements for a successful health coaching process.

Clients are known to trust more if their coach listens intently and with empathy.

5.  Holistic Thinking

Holistic thinking is also known as the big picture mentality.

An effective health coach understands how events, internal and external factors, and other critical elements are interconnected to influence the client’s perspectives and behaviors.

Having holistic thinking allows a health coach to expand their analysis on solving a crucial issue.

6. Valuing Relationships

Becoming a health coach means that you are bound to form long-relationships with your clients. Unlike any other job, health coaches keep in touch with their clients even after their sessions.

It is a clear advantage as clients increase your network and help you in finding more clients along the way.

Thus, it is imperative that your value in the coach-client relationship you’ve established from the start remains consistent all the time.

7. Empathy

Your ability not only to relate but to put yourself in the position of the client can be a game-changer in the coaching process.

Clients who have a hard time changing negative habits and behaviors often rely on their health coach for motivation and inspiration.

However, this could be difficult to achieve with judgment, and without embodying the experiences and emotions of the clients.

Empathy is a prerequisite for clients to fully commit themselves in the process of acquiring healthy behaviors and giving up detrimental ones.

8. Adaptability

In handling clients, there is no one-size-fits-all pattern. Clients are diverse and require a personalized approach.

In this sense, adaptability is imperative.

Being able to adapt based on the needs of the client and based on the type of environment you are working in develops resilience and mastery over time.

9. Consistency

As a role model to your clients, there is simply no room for mistakes that could stain your reputation as a health coach.

If you are already in a state where you harbored healthy habits, it should be consistent all the time.

Meaning to say it is almost an obligation not to relapse and turn into harmful habits and behaviors.

Your goal as a health coach must always gear towards improvement.

10. Professionalism

Like in any other job, practicing professionalism at its peak can set you apart as a successful health coach.

Clients should be valued including their time, their emotions, and most importantly their time.

Arriving late in your sessions, communicating discourteously, or neglecting important actions for your client can break the needed trust to form a healthy coach-client relationship.

Closing Thoughts

Becoming a successful health coach, just like any other endeavor, requires internal and external efforts, drive, and determination.

The must-have skills and qualities can be developed with the right training and guidance.

Thereby, taking the proper health coaching program is an essential steppingstone to guarantee your success in the field.

Likewise cultivating the necessary qualities can be started in simple ways. 

Practice them on a daily basis and you will embody them in no time.