There are a lot of healthy and natural products that can help make our homes feel healthier, happier, and more comfortable. One that is growing in popularity is pink Himalayan salt.
Pink Himalayan salt is found near the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan and some believe that it provides a number of health benefits for your mind, body, and spirit by soothing sore muscles, purifying and detoxifying the air, raising energy levels, and more.

Here are 9 things to know about Pink Himalayan Salt!

It’s nutritious. Pink Himalayan salt is very similar to table salt. It contains up to 98% sodium chloride, in addition to more than 80 other minerals in trace amounts including zinc, bromine, and phosphorus. Many believe that pink salt is slightly healthier than table salt, as it is less artificial and doesn’t contain anti-caking agents like table salt does. It is also hand-mined and hand-ground, a more natural process than the ways other salts are obtained.
Why it’s pink. 80+ minerals contained in the salt give it its light pink color.
Salt is an important diet staple. Salt is important for our body’s function. It can support our muscles, help with hydration, nerve and muscle function, and more. Pink Himalayan salt is great for your health, in healthy amounts.
It has a number of healing benefits. Many people believe that pink Himalayan salt has a number of healing benefits. While not all of these are proven, many people use pink Himalayan salt to improve:

  • Sleep
  • Libido
  • Respiratory disease
  • Digestion
  • Air quality
  • Signs of aging
  • Depression

pink himalayan salt lamp benefitsSalt lamps are an easy and beautiful way to bring pink salt to your home. Some believe that pink Himalayan salt releases negative ions into a room, minimizing dust particles and improving air quality. This can result in increasing energy, alleviating allergy symptoms, helping you sleep, and more. Proponents of salt lamps also believe they can enhance your mood and improve concentration.
You can get salt lamps from many different retailers, with the smallest lamps starting at about $8 on Amazon. Salt lamps come in a number of different sizes, based on their weight. Choose what size you need based on the size of the room you’ll be placing it in. For very large spaces, it’s recommended you have more than one lamp. When it comes time to replace the light bulb, you can find them at any hardware store. Typically, small and medium lamps (4-10 lbs) require a 15watt candelabra bulb; Large lamps (11-20 lbs) require a 25-watt bulb, and extra-large lamps (25-100 lbs) use 40-60 watt bulbs.
It’s easy to add to your diet. Pink Himalayan salt can be used as a more natural substitution for table salt. It can be used as a substitution for any recipe that requires salt. Pink Himalayan salt is typically sold in larger, more coarse grains than table salt, so you’ll definitely need a grinder in order to use it in most recipes.
It is also a natural way to restore your electrolyte levels. This is important when exercising or if you’re sick with the cold or flu. You should always check with a doctor before adding anything to your diet, but Pink Himalayan salt is a great option.
It’s a great pain reliever. You can use salt water to soothe a sore throat. Mix ½ teaspoon of ground Pink Himalayan salt with warm water and gargle. You can also use it to soak sore muscles, such as in a footbath after a long run. Salt baths make it easier for our body to absorb essential minerals in the salt, fortifying sore tissue that might be sore. You can find pink Himalayan Epsom salt at Target and Amazon that is perfect for a bath!
It’s easy to incorporate it into your beauty routine. Pink Himalayan salt has a number of benefits for your skin. You can use it to make a facial spray by adding it to warm distilled water and essential oil. Salt is also a great exfoliator. Make a DIY body scrub to remove dead skin cells to leave you with soft skin.
Try visiting a salt room. Some spas offer Himalayan salt rooms. These rooms are lined with salt and you simply sit and relax. Salt therapy is thought to improve respiratory conditions such as asthma and improve skin.
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