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Master the Business & Art of Coaching | Make a Bigger Impact | Accelerate Your Earning Potential

Reach Your Highest Level of Potential as a Coach

You’re a Health or Life Coach who’s driven and motivated to maximize the difference you can make in this world…

You dream of being in service to as many people as possible, while also ensuring your business aligns with your core values… And you want to be generously compensated for your skills and expertise, and the transformative change you can facilitate for your clients. But you’re not sure exactly how to do all of the above…

And maybe you need help working through beliefs that have been holding you back from the success you ultimately desire and deserve.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the RIGHT place.

12-Month Graduate-level Coach Mastery Mentorship Program

We created our Coach Mastery program to help income and impact driven coaches reach their highest level of personal, professional, and financial success. In this mentorship program, we’ll help you:

  • Nourish the soul of your business.

  • Make a plan to create the lucrative coaching business of your dreams.

  • Put your personal growth and coaching skills on warp speed.

  • Move through fear and doubt so you can fully step into your purpose.

  • Earn an incredible income doing what you were born to do.

At HCI, you can trust that no matter where you are on your journey to coaching mastery, we meet you right where you are—and together, we’ll work to get you exactly where you want to be.

Discover more about the Coach Mastery course below. Find out more about the value of Coach Mastery and the pricing.

Coach Mastery Program Details

Coach Mastery follows a proven approach to learning that combines lesson-based instruction with practical application. Real-life practice and repetition will help you sharpen your skills, integrate advanced concepts, and ultimately, elevate your success as a coach.

Curriculum Overview


Health Coach Institute has created two unique programs specially crafted to help you achieve your goals in both your personal and professional life—and combined them into one convenient, affordable package.

Transformational Coaching Method (TCM):

TCM is your opportunity to build on the momentum of the Become a Health Coach program (our foundational Health and Life Coach training program, which we recommend taking before Coach Mastery). Where BHC teaches coaching at the behavior and habit change level, TCM will teach you to become a wizard of transformation at the belief and identity level, so that you can meet your clients where they are on their map in any session at any time.

Business Accelerator:

Business Accelerator is your opportunity to accelerate your financial success so you can achieve that next level of prosperity you desire. Business Accelerator is different from your average business training. It’s an action-oriented, business-building training where you’ll actively take steps to grow your income, get your ideal clients, and construct your business to scale. Business Accelerator proven formula will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to create a highly lucrative business that maximizes the difference you’re here to make.

In Coach Mastery, you’ll also:

  • Receive ongoing support from a dedicated TCM coach
  • Practice what you’re learning in real time with peers
  • Participate in fun challenges to help you grow your business and step outside your comfort zone
  • Get access to BONUS trainings on a range of specialized topics




Graduate With 2 Advanced Health Coach Certificates

mastery coach HCI transformational coach HCI

  • Become a wizard of transformation at the belief and identity level.
  • Elevate your coaching skills and confidence so you can help any client who walks through your door.
  • Add “Master Transformational Coaching Method Coach” to your resume

How Much Does The Coach Mastery Training Cost?

We are pleased to offer competitive tuition rates, seasonal discounts, and powerful program bonuses. You can choose to pay in full and access our very best tuition discount, or you can opt to make payments conveniently over time. Call 1 (844) 226-3328 to discuss your pricing options or request program info to learn more.



  • How much does training at Health Coach Institute cost?

    The cost of training at Health Coach Institute depends on which program you enroll in. We have many different programs and payment options to work with your situation.

    Training at HCI is an investment that pays off big if your goals are to 1.) further your wellness education with cutting-edge curriculum that leverages the science of habit change 2.) build or grow a successful wellness business, and 3.) become the healthiest version of you in the process!

    We believe there’s no better return on investment than doing work that lights you up, aligns with your mission and values, and enables you to help others live their best lives—while living your best life too!

    At HCI, we make every effort to help you afford your training. We run seasonal promos with generous tuition discounts, offer amazing bonuses with enrollment, and also offer payment plans customized to your unique financial situation.

    Talk to a Clarity Coach

  • What kind of Health Coach career can I have?

    The beauty of a Health Coaching career is that you have the freedom and flexibility to design your ideal career. So whether you’re looking to leave your corporate career behind to pursue something more meaningful full-time or you’re a stay-at-home parent looking to make some income in between school drop-offs and naptime, or you’re a military spouse in search of a flexible job you can do from anywhere in the world, or you’re a retiree looking to start a new chapter, or you’re looking to supplement your day job with a side hustle that leverages your passion for health and helping others—a Health Coaching career can work for you.
  • What coaching methodology is used?

    The Transformational Coaching Method (TCM) is a unique system that we teach at Health Coach Institute and based on the techniques that we know will achieve results, and by the end of the program, you’ll be confident in using the system with your clients!

  • What kinds of topics are covered?

    The Transformational Coaching Method (TCM) covers an array of topics designed for you to implement immediately with your clients, allowing you to deepen your change work with them. Some of the topics covered include Uncovering Your Client’s Deepest Desire, Rewiring Your Brain for Behavior Change, Unpacking Beliefs and Advanced Rapport, Understanding Beliefs and Experiences, and The Subconscious Reasons We “Hold Ourselves Back.” You will utilize TCM in both groups and 1-on-1 scenarios.

    Business Accelerator (BA) uses a range of topics designed to help build your blueprint to professional success. Topics include clarifying your business vision, creating a strategic business plan, learning to attract ideal clients, and designing your unique business brand.

  • Why should I take Coach Mastery?

    Coach Mastery is designed to help you advance your coaching skill-set and business acumen so that you can boost your real-world results. We believe that when you are a masterful coach, you will always be able to make a living doing what you love from anywhere in the world.

    Coach Mastery offers insight into topics not included in our other programs. This program offers master-level business and marketing training for you to make the leap from coach to successful business owner. You’ll learn advanced coaching and cutting-edge business-building techniques, gain access to a large demo library — including coaching scripts and done-for-you materials — to amplify your confidence as a coach and build your business with ease. You’ll also receive an exclusive invite to attend our annual Mastery Retreat to work on your business in real-time with other grad students.

Why Coach Mastery?

Master-Level Business & Marketing Training

Make the leap from coach to successful business owner. Learn advanced coaching and cutting-edge business-building techniques.

Mastery Retreat Invite

Get an exclusive invite to attend our annual Mastery Retreat and work on your business in real-time with other grad students.

2 Unique Programs in 1

In Transformational Coaching Method (TCM), you’ll work on your mindset and build your confidence. In Business Accelerator, you’ll get practical tools to enroll more clients and effectively market your business.

Connect & Network With Peers

Grow your business while cultivating lifelong friendships. Get inspired and encouraged by peers who will support, stretch, and celebrate you on your journey.

1:1 Mentorship

Get ongoing support, accountability, and guidance so you can accelerate your business growth and make the biggest impact possible.

Extended Demo Library & Coaching Scripts

Access a large demo library, including coaching scripts and done-for-you materials to amplify your confidence as a coach and build your business with ease.

Transform From the Inside, Out

Get advanced tools to understand yourself & your clients on a deeper level, and create powerful transformations.

Flexible 100% Online Training

Learn at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. Take the 12-month training wherever you choose, on your own terms.

Meet Your Instructors

Stacey Morgenstern

Lead Instructor of Become a Health & Life Coach & Coach Mastery

Stacey Morgenstern is a Board Certified Health Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, international public speaker, and Co-Founder of Health Coach Institute.

Stacey has founded and co-founded three coach training businesses, growing them to multi-million dollar revenues, including Health Coach Institute (HCI), Holistic MBA, and Five Point Wellness.

Along with HCI Co-Founder Carey Peters, Stacey co-created HCI’s flagship programs, Become a Health Coach and Holistic MBA: Mastering The Business & The Art Of Coaching, teaching the proprietary Habit Change Coaching Method and how to create a lucrative and sustainable coaching business.

Stacey is an MC, spoken word performer, author, and community builder residing in the San Francisco Bay area.

Carey Peters

Carey Peters

Lead Instructor of Become a Health & Life Coach & Coach Mastery

Carey Peters is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and a Co-Founder of Health Coach Institute.

She’s founded and co-founded three coach training businesses, including Health Coach Institute, Holistic MBA, and

Since becoming a coach 10+ years ago, she’s trained over 21,000 health and life coaches from 30+ countries.

Carey’s been featured in Forbes Magazine, New York Magazine, Fitness Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, and more.

Currently based in Chicago, Carey holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting from DePaul University. Outside of work, Carey enjoys theater, music, art, and stand-up comedy.

Want to Find Out All The Benefits of Coach Mastery?

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll get when you join Coach Mastery. Find out everything you get inside the program today.

Master Coach Career Opportunities

There are a variety of career paths you can pursue as a Master Coach. In fact, you can create success doing pretty much anything you can dream up, from coaching clients individually or in groups in a specialized area to authoring books, from selling products online or becoming the media’s go-to expert, to leading retreats and speaking at events, and everything in between.

Coach Mastery is perfect for you if you want to:

Do deeper work with clients and accelerate your income.
Make a big difference in the world and reach many more people than you are right now.
Quit living in scarcity, and you’re ready to create a life of abundance.
Get honest feedback infused with fun, and a little tough love in areas that can instantly improve your business.
Step outside your comfort zone—even when it feels scary—because that’s where the magic happens!
Be supported and stretched by a vibrant, global community of like-minded, purpose-driven individuals.
Let your core values be your compass for building your business. Stop comparing and step into your spotlight, both personally and professionally, NOW.
Finally combine all your unique gifts into the most successful career of your life because it was born from the brightest version of you!

How The Coach Mastery Program Works

Coach Mastery follows a proven approach to learning that combines lesson-based instruction with practical application. Real-life practice and repetition will help you sharpen your skills, integrate advanced concepts, and ultimately, elevate your success as a coach.


Get certified. Grow your business. Join a thriving community of wellness professionals.

Coach Mastery Praise: Reviews From Our Students

Hear from successful students how they took their coaching to the next level with the graduate-level Coach Mastery program.

Through this tribe and guidance from all of my HCI mentors, I get the opportunity to create the impact I was born to make on MY time at MY pace.

– Kenni King

The inner work, sizzle copy, marketing, and expert guidance of the amazing coaches have accelerated my Business to more than I ever thought possible.

– Jen Gaudet

My dreams are constantly getting bigger because I’m seeing so many real results thanks to everything I’m learning in Mastery and this amazing tribe.

– Jenné Claiborne

If you’re serious about growing personally, creating transformation with your clients, and feeling confident in raising your rates, then join Mastery because that’s what it has done for me.

– Neferteri Peoples

Committed To Your Success

Go Where the Jobs Are

Coaching is a lucrative, high-demand field that’s growing rapidly. According to Marketdata, 60% of Americans are interested in working with a Health Coach, but only 1 in 5 have ever been offered it. But it isn’t just high demand and salary that draw people into this burgeoning industry…many say coaching is the BEST career ever. As a coach, you get to set your own schedule and be your own boss, while “working” in a career that helps improve people’s lives….including your own!

High Demand + Lucrative + Fulfilling + Transformative = Coaching (aka the best career ever)

where coaching is headed

Where The Coaching Industry Is Headed

Research data published by Marketdata in 2018 reported that the Health Coaching market was valued at $6.14 billion (a 15% increase from 2014). The market is projected to be worth $7.85 billion by 2022—no surprise considering the high level of job fulfillment and flexibility coaching provides, and the unlimited earning potential you can tap into as a coach!


Get started on your journey to become a Master Coach today!

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