The Internet gets a bad reputation for being detrimental to mental health. But it’s not all bad: more and more mental health apps are providing accessible treatment to the general public, and YouTube isn’t far behind. 

According to a 2021 study on seeking mental health support through video-based social media, the video streaming service showed potential to support mental health through social support, validating experience and sharing the positive experience of help-seeking. 

If you’re looking for a more positive place on the web, here are our 10 favorite YouTube channels for mental health support and education.

10 Best YouTube Mental Health Channels

1. The Mighty

The Mighty’s mission is to help people connect with an online community on topics like mental health, chronic and rare illnesses, disabilities and more. Video topics range from dealing with anxiety to recognizing PTSD symptoms, plus regular series like “Ask a Bipolar Advocate” and “Mental Health Happy Hour.” Since joining YouTube in 2015 they’ve amassed almost 90,000 followers and over 26 million views. Watch The Mighty here.

2. Julia Kristina Counseling

Julia Kristina, a registered clinical counselor with an MA in counseling psychology, uses her YouTube platform to speak about mental wellness and personal development. Specifically, how to improve your quality of life through boundary setting, building self-esteem, and working through emotional triggers. Julia posts new videos every Wednesday to her nearly 300,000 subscribers. Watch Julia Kristina Counseling here.

3. Anxiety United

After struggling with his mental health for over a decade, Billy Cross created Anxiety United as a way to share his experiences and connect with others suffering from anxiety. He uses his channel as a teaching tool and as a form of accountability, offering morning coffee chats, personal vlogs and anxiety tips. Viewers can track Billy’s journey as far back as 12 years ago, before he built his following to over 20,000 subscribers. Watch Anxiety United here.  

4. Kati Morton

Licensed therapist Kati Morton provides evidence-based mental health advice and education to her 1.16 million YouTube subscribers. Her videos are a blend of digestible information (like “What Is Love Bombing?” and “5 General Types of Dissociation”) and personal anecdotes about her own struggles with depression and burnout. Kati also has two podcasts and a journaling club that viewers can participate in. Watch Kati Morton here.

5. Psych2Go

Through engaging animated videos, Psych2Go aims to teach its large (9.42 million subscribers) audience about mental health topics like depression, emotional trauma, toxic relationships and physical symptoms of anxiety. The channel is geared toward a younger crowd, and describes itself on its About page as a place where fans can come to relax, chill and talk about all things life and mental wellness. Watch Psych2Go here.

6. Therapy in a Nutshell

Licensed marriage and family therapist Emma McAdam started Therapy in a Nutshell as a way to make mental health resources easier to access. She educates viewers on different treatment methods for depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses using scientifically-backed methods. The channel—which has nearly one million subscribers—includes videos on how to find an affordable therapist, skills to stop overthinking, and overcoming social anxiety post-pandemic. Watch Therapy in a Nutshell here.

7. SciShow Psych

SciShow Psych is the perfect mental health video content for the whole family to enjoy. Hosted by Anthony Brown, Brit Garner and Hank Green, the weekly show delves deep into the psychology of the human brain. It uses history and ground-breaking psychological studies to help viewers understand the way we interact with the people around us. The channel has over 750,000 subscribers, with some of its most popular videos tackling ADHD and sleep, gaslighting, depersonalization and eating disorders. Watch SciShow Psych here.

8. Yoga With Adriene

For those interested in some moving meditation to improve their mental health, at 11.1 million subscribers, Yoga With Adriene is an extremely popular option. The Austin-based yogi has been uploading free, high-quality videos to YouTube for years, with a variety of yoga series, challenges, and specialized flows (like yoga for anxiety or stress relief). Adriene urges viewers to “find what feels good” on and off the mat. Watch Yoga With Adriene here.

9. Living Well With Schizophrenia

Living Well With Schizophrenia was started by a woman named Lauren, who lives with schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. She began the channel, which has 170,000 subscribers, to increase understanding around schizophrenia and mental illness. She also chronicles her own experiences with hallucinations, delusions and medications. Watch Living Well With Schizophrenia here.

10. Bite Size Psych

If you’re looking for nuggets of science-based knowledge, head over to Bite Size Psych and join the rest of their almost 300,000 subscribers. The channel features fun riddles and creativity tests, plus heavily researched info on willpower, happiness and relationships. The videos are generally five minutes or less, with helpful illustrations and a clear script making the topics easily understandable for any age. Watch Bite Size Psych here.

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