Alysha Harris, a woman with a heart full of faith and a passion for helping others, has always been drawn to positively impacting others. A dedicated mother of three, a loving wife, and a caretaker for her parents, Alysha’s entire life has been committed to service. Her story as a health and life coach began with a deep desire to see others flourish, especially those who are sick, homeless, or in need.

The Catalyst for Change

Alysha’s introduction to the world of health coaching started with her involvement in the Functional Nutrition Alliance (FxNA). Despite her passion for helping others, she felt the need to solidify her foundation and gain more structured knowledge. Her husband had been encouraging her to pursue formal coaching for years, but it wasn’t until a meeting with Andrea Nakayama, the founder of FxNA, that Alysha learned about the Health Coach Institute (HCI).

Intrigued by the connection between FxNA and HCI, Alysha decided to explore the opportunity further. The final push came in the form of an email from HCI in the summer of 2023, which reignited her curiosity. After a compelling conversation with an HCI team member, Alysha overcame her procrastination and enrolled in HCI’s Become a Health & Life Coach program, eager to add another tool to her belt to better serve her clients.

A Transformational Experience

Alysha’s journey with HCI was filled with “aha” moments. The program not only confirmed her understanding of health coaching but also filled in the gaps in her knowledge. “This journey has been very confirming of what I thought health coaching would be like, and then the ‘ahas’ were the missing links of what I was already doing with my clients,” she recalls. The comprehensive curriculum and the support from the HCI community provided Alysha with the clarity and confidence she needed to excel.

Building a Thriving Practice

Before joining HCI, Alysha had already been working with clients within her clinic as a Certified Holistic Practitioner of Trichology “Hair Loss Specialist”, licensed Cosmetologist and Functional Medicine Practitioner in Kansas City, Missouri. Her credentials, including certifications from FxNA and various functional medicine doctors, established her expertise in areas such as nutrition, lab diagnostics, and mold specialization. However, HCI’s program brought a new level of professionalism and structure to her practice.

Upon completing the HCI program, Alysha’s practice flourished. Her existing clients, whom she affectionately calls her “herd,” were eager to see what new insights she could offer. She also attracted new clients through word of mouth and social media, offering free 90-day coaching sessions that quickly filled up due to her growing reputation.

A Message to Aspiring Health Coaches

For those considering HCI, Alysha has a clear message: “Throw away everything you’ve thought, everything that you’re fearing, and just do it. If you’re ready and overwhelmed with not getting results from what you’ve been doing, HCI is the place to be. It clears the muddy waters and gives you a roadmap.”

Alysha’s journey is far from over. She dreams of creating a platform to share her vast knowledge with the world, helping even more people achieve their health and wellness goals. Her faith, resilience, and dedication to service continue to guide her as she navigates the path ahead.


Health Coach Institute provides aspiring Health and Life Coaches with the tools, training, and support to make a great living transforming lives.