Laura Butler’s path into the world of health coaching has been filled with resilience, spanning seven years. Shaped by a family deeply rooted in a commitment to health – with her mother’s dedication to healthy living and her grandmother’s teachings of yoga in Indian ashrams – Laura’s path was primed to professionally enter the world of wellness.

Originally invested in a career in business and marketing, Laura found herself at a crossroads when burnout and overwhelm struck while managing her consultancy business and caring for young children. This moment fueled her decision to pursue coaching qualifications, building on her experience of successful business coaching and blending her business experience with her dedication to health and well-being.

Discovering Health Coach Institute

A Google search led Laura to the Health Coach Institute, offering a holistic approach to lifestyle coaching. “I found the Health Coach Institute and it ticked lots of boxes for me because it seemed to look at every area of lifestyle, not just nutrition,” she explained. Beyond acquiring essential coaching skills, the training became a transformative period as she applied concepts in real-time, witnessing a marked improvement in her own health and resilience.

Choosing to transition her consultancy business exclusively to coaching marked a turning point for Laura. Balancing the demands of a corporate wellness business and private one-on-one coaching, she navigated the challenges of online coaching, leveraging her network and business expertise to find success in both lanes.

On a mission to help ambitious, busy women overcome overwhelm, burnout and crisis, Laura can offer insight having had similar lived experiences. “I want to help others to restore balance and confidence in their body, health, family, and relationships.”

A Journey Beyond Expectations

Reflecting on her journey, Laura acknowledges she didn’t anticipate the level of success she has achieved today when she started with the Health Coach Institute in 2017. Laura’s coaching businesses make six figures every year and are proof the coaching market is thriving. The decision to focus on coaching full-time and a subsequent marital separation became pivotal moments propelling her into a more significant role in her career and life.

Laura’s vision for her coaching practice includes creating health and wellness retreats on land she has in her plans to purchase. When sharing her vision for the future, Laura gets excited when she shares, “I want to create a space for people to come and reconnect with themselves, nature, and each other. I’m passionate about having a space that’s accessible to everyone, not just those with financial means.”

Paying It Forward: Support for the Coaching Community

Passionate about supporting others, Laura actively shares insights with fellow Health Coach Institute alumni. “I’m part of the Health Coach Institute Facebook alumni group, and I post in there semi-regularly to pep people up. If part of this can help others starting out on their journey, I’m happy to help,” she said.

The health coach in Laura shines brightly in her conversation for this story and is summarized best when she offered, “I’m committed to making a positive impact on people’s lives through coaching and wellness. If you need me for anything, I’m really happy to help because I know what it’s like just starting out or wherever people are on their journey.”


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