As a health coach, you already know how helpful it can be to take a step back and evaluate your situation (you’ve been telling clients this all along!), but have you done that for yourself? Maybe you’re thinking that it’s time to take your health coaching business to the next level. Perhaps you’re wondering if a health coach mastery program is the next right thing for your career. And if you aren’t wondering that? Well, you should be. 

Here are six key questions to consider to help you decide on your next step.

Is Health Coaching the Right Career For Me?

This one may seem pretty obvious, but it can be helpful to get the big questions out of the way first. Whether you’re an experienced health coach or are brand new to the field, this question is vital—especially if you’re considering a mastery coaching program. If you are ready to commit yourself to your health coaching career, then that mastery program can be the jump-start you need to move your career forward!

Am I Making the Difference I Had Hoped to Make?

Most people become a health coach to make a difference in the lives of those around you. This is such important work, and it’s wonderful that there are those like you who are willing to step up and do it. But it’s important to look at the scope of your success so far—are you making the impact you had hoped to make? If you think you would like to do more, to see more clients, to change more lives, then becoming a certified mastery coach may be just the ticket to up your impact game. The right program will equip you with the skills you need to grow.

Am I Making the Money I Had Hoped to Make?

It can be hard to put your own needs and income first. After all, you became a health coach to change other people’s lives, right? But it’s crucial to include yours in that list of lives you can shape. Your earning potential is a key area of intervention. Quality coaching programs online will help grow your income in a variety of ways, from helping you learn how to attract more clients to allowing you to better articulate the value of your work to those clients.

Do I Have the Business Skills I Need to Grow My Business?

You are a great health coach. But are you a shrewd business person? Do you know about growth-minded business practices? If you are an independent health coach, then you are also an entrepreneur, and it’s time to up your game for growth. Entrepreneur Magazine explains that a growth mindset is “the tendency to believe that you can grow.” That ideology can be applied to your health coaching business. Excellent coaching mastery programs can help you develop that growth mindset and give you the skills to back it up and make it happen!

Would I Benefit From Expanding My Network?

On an average day, how many other health coaches do you talk to? Do you have a network of others who do the same work you do, with the same challenges and concerns as you? When was the last time you talked with another health coach about their business practices? What about frank conversations about pricing or attracting clients?

Every business person can benefit from expanding their network and realizing that they aren’t on an island by themselves. As a health coach, you probably encourage your clients to surround themselves with others who truly understand what they are dealing with. It’s time to apply that advice to yourself!

In addition to the education you receive, one of the biggest benefits of a coaching mastery program is the network of other enrolled students that you will connect with.

Would I Benefit From an Ongoing Relationship with a Mentor?

Similarly to a network of peers in your same position, a relationship with a mentor who has successfully navigated the waters you wish to travel can be invaluable. You already know the value of mentorship as a health coach, but you may not have considered how that can apply to your own business! When you enter into a program like the Health Coach Institute’s Mastery Program, you will get ongoing support, accountability, and the guidance you need to accelerate your business growth and make the biggest impact possible.

Enroll in HCI’s Coach Mastery Program

The Health Coach Institute offers a 12-month graduate-level Coach Mastery Mentorship Program to help you reach your highest level of potential as a coach. In it, you’ll learn about the Transformational Coaching Method (TCM) and take a deep dive into the business aspect of coaching through their Business Accelerator training. 

In Coach Mastery, you’ll also:

  • Receive ongoing support from a dedicated TCM coach.
  • Practice what you’re learning in real time with peers.
  • Participate in fun challenges to help you grow your business and step outside your comfort zone.
  • Get access to bonus training(s) on a range of specialized topics.

As a Coach Mastery student you’ll have access to an extended demo library and coaching scripts, plus done-for-you material to use with clients. You’ll also receive an exclusive invite to the annual Mastery Retreat, where you can work on your business in real-time with other grad students. Sound enticing?! Click here for more information, or contact a Clarity Coach directly at 1-800-303-2399.


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