Life isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Between spring break, school schedules, and a holiday season that seems to come earlier and earlier each year, it’s almost never the right time to take time for yourself. 

While people typically fantasize about spending their summer on vacation or poolside, it might just be the ideal season in which to kickstart your health coaching career

Have you spent the last few New Year’s Eves vowing to make a change in your personal life or job? Are you trying to advance in your current career by beefing up your holistic health knowledge? Or maybe you’re looking for something that allows you to work from home and set your own schedule? 

If any of those questions resonate with you, then the time is now to enroll in HCI’s Become a Health Coach Program. Sign up for the summer session by June 26, and have your certification complete by the time the holidays roll around. 

Why Choose Health Coaching?

With work burnout and career shifts at an all-time high, people seem to be looking for a career that provides flexibility and offers fulfillment. For people interested in health and wellness, the choice is a no-brainer. A health coach gets to set their own schedule and learn methods of self-improvement for their clients and themselves. 

Health coaches also: 

  • Help others create the life they truly want by teaching them how to make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • Have the knowledge, skills, and tools to be successful as a coach and successful in business.
  • Feel tremendous personal fulfillment to be serving a higher purpose and creating change in the healthcare industry.
  • Have the job flexibility and freedom to design the life of their dreams.

Keep in mind that just because you have a health coaching certificate doesn’t mean you have to be an actual health coach. Beyond benefiting your personal education, a health coach certification can come in handy for a myriad of other jobs. From health care practitioners to estheticians, chefs to massage therapists, having that extra certification will not only allow you to improve your skills, but will instill more trust in your clients.

What Does the Become a Health Coach Program Include?

Throughout your time as a student at the Health Coach Institute, you’ll be guided through four pillars of knowledge by founders Stacey Morgernstern and Carey Peters. 

The four pillars include: 

  • Foundational nutrition information
  • Habit-change coaching 
  • Personal growth
  • Marketing and business development 

During the training you’ll receive mentorship and support, including phone calls with experienced coaches to help set you up for success. There’s also a tight-knit Become a Health Coach community, with partner practice labs, private online groups and live networking events. As an added bonus, the BCH program includes a dual life coach certificate, so you’ll have different career options when you graduate.

How Much Does HCI’s Become a Health Coach Program Cost?

Prices for HCI’s Become a Health Coach program may vary depending on what discounts or specials are being offered during the enrollment period. However, once your health coaching business is up and running you can cover the cost of your coaching (and then some!) if you utilize the coaching business models provided to you throughout the course.

In general, you can expect to pay less than $5,000 for your dual health and life coach certificate—so, two certifications for the price of one.

How to Enroll at the Health Coach Institute

Ready to start the next chapter of your life? This is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Head here to learn more about our six-month Become a Health & Life Coach program. There you’ll be able to download the course catalog, get 72-hour access to the program, and join a free upcoming live workshop. 

If you’re looking to talk to somebody directly, connect with a Clarity Coach at 1-800-303-2399 and they can answer your questions and address any concerns.


Health Coach Institute provides aspiring Health and Life Coaches with the tools, training, and support to make a great living transforming lives.