Richard Taliaferro is a veteran journalist with 26 years of experience at a global media outlet known for prominent reporting on financial and business news. In November 2023, he found himself in a situation that had been foreshadowed for years—his position was eliminated. Having anticipated this event, Taliaferro had his fallback plan in place and transitioned from the fast-paced world of newsrooms to becoming a full-time health and life coach. His experience reflects not only a career shift but a personal evolution that has led him to pursue his passion for coaching, especially for individuals in health and career transitions.

A Journalist’s Path

Taliaferro’s career, spanning two and half decades as a senior news editor, equipped him with a wealth of knowledge and experience in journalism, spanning both print and video formats across the U.S. and Western Europe. However, the challenges of the industry, including but not limited to layoffs, smaller newsrooms, and increasing stress, led him to recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In an industry where deadlines are sacred and stories are a currency, making healthy food choices and prioritizing exercise can be a challenge.

“Late nights, deadlines, stress led to an unhealthy lifestyle,” explained Taliaferro. “Through coaching, I improved my health, helping me show up better in the office and, more importantly, show up better in my life.”

The Catalyst: Health Coach Institute

Taliaferro’s introduction to the Health Coach Institute in late 2016 marked a turning point in his life. 

“I’m really glad I found the Health Coach Institute,” he shared. “The program was easy to get into and to follow, and I found it to be such a good program to be a part of.” Taliaferro valued the supportive community, effective programs, and the genuine commitment of the Health Coach Institute’s staff and co-founders to the well-being of individuals.

While Taliaferro’s interest in life coaching had been in his mind for years, the pandemic became a catalyst for him to seriously consider what a future career could look like. His initial encounter with coaching came in 2007 when he worked with a nutrition coach, an experience that profoundly impacted his life. This exposure to coaching, coupled with his health coaching and life coaching certifications, laid the groundwork for a plan B in case the changes he was seeing across the media industry were to have a direct impact on his own career.

Taliaferro reflects on his decision to pursue coaching. “I wanted to be more than just a journalist. I didn’t want that one thing to define me. I have journalism experience, and coaching experience, and I’m a runner and I’m a hiker. I’m a lot of different things, and I don’t let any one thing define me.”

A Planned Transition

While he had seen his peers throughout the industry experience unexpected career transitions, Taliaferro had his unplanned career transition in November 2023. This event, though initially devastating, became the impetus for him to fully embrace his coaching practice. Taliaferro recalls the moment he got laid off: “The universe was telling me something, and I needed to listen.”

Within a remarkably short time frame—just under two months since finding himself without a full-time career—Taliaferro has successfully launched his own coaching practice. He credits his preparedness and foresight, having spent years envisioning a life as a coach during periods of frustration with his journalism career.

His dedication to the coaching path became evident as he actively engaged with the Health Coach Institute’s community events, maintaining connections and incorporating insights gained into his coaching practice. “Those free events are a great resource for coaches to stay connected with the community and make adjustments in their coaching practice,” he explained.

Manifesting a Thriving Health and Life Coaching Practice

Looking ahead, Taliaferro envisions a thriving coaching practice within the next 12 months. He aims to have a stable rotation of clients, helping them become the best versions of themselves. While expressing a desire to work with other coaches and share diverse experiences, Taliaferro emphasizes his readiness to coach anyone seeking positive life changes.

His ultimate goal is to provide impactful coaching. “I want to be able to focus less on finances and more on helping people be their best selves.”

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