Don Gain

Relevant Experience and Credentials:

  • Success Coach at Health Coach Institute (September 2019)
  • TCM Mastery Coach Certification (August 2019)
  • TCM Transformational Coach Certification (March 2019)
  • Founder and Transformational Coach at gaining balance inc. (June 2018)
  • Life Coach Certification (August 2018)
  • Health and Wellness Coach Certification (May 2018)
  • Cycling and Lifestyle Coach (May 2007 – present)
  • 20 years experience in Corporate Leadership

Educational Background:

  • Business and Economics (York University)
  • Graphic Arts Communication (Ryerson University)

Further Information:

Heal the world? Yes, it is possible! It begins with your healing. As a Transformational Coach, my passion is to help people step into their deepest self and live a life in accordance with their values, gifts, and truth – beyond stress, anxiety, depression and anger. What if we chose our well-being over self-judgment? Presence over perfection? What if we didn’t put on the masks and instead showed up in honesty? The path begins with us – as individuals, we can create a future of truth, vitality, and health for future generations and ourselves. When we heal, the world heals. The journey is about reconnecting to your truth and values; regaining your true north to head in the direction of inspiration and authenticity. Together, let’s find your balance.

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