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We believe that Health and Life Coaches are masters of habit change. We’ve trained more than 32,000 coaches worldwide in the art and science of habit change and we’re proud of our heart-centered community that’s redefining the field of coaching and shaping the future of healthcare.

Our program doesn’t just teach you how to coach clients effectively and help them improve their health and wellness; it also teaches you how to manage the business side of coaching, like how to find and win clients.

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The Habit Change Coaching Method: The Coach’s Secret Superpower That Radically Changes Lives


Laying The Foundation To Be A Successful Health & Life Coach


Personal Growth: How To Transform Fear Into Wealth So You Can Create The Life You Desire


Proven Business Building Systems: How To Get Paying Clients


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Learn from expert coaches with over 32+ years of professional coaching experience. Stacey and Carey’s teaching style is supportive, motivating, hands-on, and evidence-based. Their zone of genius lies in turning what feels complicated into easy, accessible, and fun!

Stacey Morgenstern

Lead Instructor of Become a Health & Life Coach & Coach Mastery

Stacey Morgenstern is a Board Certified Health Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, international public speaker, and Co-Founder of Health Coach Institute (HCI).

Stacey has founded and co-founded three coach training businesses, growing them to multi-million dollar revenues, including Health Coach Institute, Holistic MBA, and Five Point Wellness.

Along with HCI Co-Founder Carey Peters, Stacey co-created HCI’s flagship programs, Become a Health & Life Coach and Holistic MBA: Mastering The Business & The Art Of Coaching, teaching the proprietary Habit Change Coaching Method and how to create a lucrative and sustainable coaching business.

Stacey is an MC, spoken word performer, author, and community builder residing in the San Francisco Bay area.

Carey Peters

Carey Peters

Lead Instructor of Become a Health & Life Coach & Coach Mastery

Carey Peters is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and a Co-Founder of Health Coach Institute.

She’s founded and co-founded three coach training businesses, including Health Coach Institute, Holistic MBA, and CoachToolsToGo.com.

Since becoming a coach 10+ years ago, she’s trained over 32,000 health and life coaches from 30+ countries.

Carey’s been featured in Forbes Magazine, New York Magazine, Fitness Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, and more.

Currently based in Chicago, Carey holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting from DePaul University. Outside of work, Carey enjoys theater, music, art, and stand-up comedy.

  • Our goal is to make training to become a Health and Life Coach simple and fun, because we know how much of a struggle starting something new and building a business can be when you’re short on time and eager to hit the ground running. We don’t want you to spend YEARS like we did trying to figure it all out. Become a Health Coach is your fast-track to coaching!



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