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What is Coach Mastery?

It’s a 12-month epic, advanced coach training and business mentoring that builds on all of the incredible work you’ve done in the Become a Health & Life Coach program.

This unique mentorship experience is designed to help you free up those unexpressed parts of yourself while touching more lives, making the right sized impact, and earning more money at YOUR pace.

The Transformational Coaching Method (TCM) is the belief-changing, identity-shifting, advanced transformational coaching certification based in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which is the study of human excellence.

Business Accelerator (BA) gives you the strategies, tools, and private business mentoring to help you design and launch a money-making practice.

Praise From Our Grads

What’s Included?

The Transformational Coaching Method
Program Includes:

  • 9-month TCM Master Coach Certification Training with Stacey
  • 24 NLP-based coaching sequences and experiential exercises to lead clients through belief and identity change
  • Skills Labs that will guide you to deepen your intuition as a coach
  • 9 private 1:1 TCM belief breakthrough or business coaching sessions*
  • Live Coaching Demo Lounge and Deconstructions with Stacey & Carey
  • 2x/month Q+A TCM mentorship time to ask questions, get feedback, and deepen your understanding of the work
  • * Coach Mastery includes 9 private sessions total. Sessions are 90min. You will be able to choose TCM and/or BA focus before every session.

The Business Accelerator
Program Includes:

  • A self-paced curriculum that leads you from your initial idea to deciding your niche, developing your offers, attracting clients, and building your brand
  • 9 private 1:1 business coaching or TCM belief breakthrough sessions*
  • Customized Business Accelerator Blueprint
  • On-demand Content Vault Access with templates for everything you need – attracting clients, crafting your marketing message, raising your fees with grace, branding, referrals, online marketing, etc
  • 2x/month Q+A “Ask a Business Coach” mentorship time to keep you clear, energized, and moving forward
  • * Coach Mastery includes 9 private sessions total. Sessions are 90min. You will be able to choose TCM and/or BA focus before every session.

Coach Mastery Includes 2 More Benefits That Make It A SUPER Unique Experience….

Private Coaching

So many of you have asked us “Where can I find a private coach?” – right here!

In Coach Mastery, you’ll receive private coaching from successful, working coaches who have been personally mentored by us.

What’s Great About Having A Private Coach?

  • Discover your limiting beliefs and patterns
  • How to set fierce boundaries while keeping your heart open
  • How to listen to yourself and follow your intuition
  • Show you shortcuts to get where you want to go faster
  • Keep you accountable so you don’t fall back into the same old patterns
  • Help you rise to your next level

You’ll receive nine 90-minute sessions where you can go really deep – either on your business, or your mindset – or both! Each coach has a signature speciality. You’ll be able to select your coach – work with the same coach each time or change it up.

Coach Mastery Also Includes A Live Virtual Retreat Led by Carey & Stacey and Guest Experts

Retreats are carefully curated, immersive experiences exclusively for Coach Mastery students. This summer we’re hosting “The Freedom Retreat”.

Freedom: the power or right to act, speak, feel or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

The Freedoms We Want….

  • Financial Freedom (Affording The Lifestyle You Love Without Worry)
  • Time Freedom (Making Your Own Schedule)
  • Location Freedom (Live/Work From Anywhere In The World)
  • Body Freedom (Loving The Skin You’re In)
  • Emotional Freedom (Flexibility/Resilience)
  • Self-Expression Freedom (Being Yourself Without Judgment)
  • Communication Freedom (Using Your Voice)
  • Coaching Skills Freedom (Confidence Coaching Anyone)

Former attendees say the Freedom Retreat helped them get clear on who they are, what they want, and find BACKBONE in their life’s work.

The retreats are very intimate, heart-opening experiences designed for profound INSIGHT and ACTION.

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Invest In Full1 Payment of $6,500*USD ENROLL NOW

 BEST VALUE Save $2,497!
Exclusive Offer:
  • One Virtual Retreat Ticket
  • Nail Your Niche Live Training
  • How to Create, Fill, and Deliver Group Programs, Part 1 with Carey and Stacey Replay
  • How to Create, Fill, and Deliver Group Programs, Part 2 with Empowerment Coaches Live Training
  • How to Launch Online Courses with Carey Replay
  • Total investment $6,500
  • You save $2,497!

Monthly Installment Option3 Payments of $2,332.33*USD ENROLL NOW

Exclusive Offer:
  • One Virtual Retreat Ticket
  • Nail Your Niche Live Training
  • How to Create, Fill, and Deliver Group Programs, Part 1 with Carey and Stacey Replay
  • How to Create, Fill, and Deliver Group Programs, Part 2 with Empowerment Coaches Live Training
  • How to Launch Online Courses with Carey Replay
  • Total investment $6,997
  • You save $2,000!
  • *First payment due upfront. Payments charged monthly.

Monthly Installment Option10 Payments of $849.70*USD ENROLL NOW

Exclusive Offer:
  • One Virtual Retreat Ticket
  • Nail Your Niche Live Training
  • How to Create, Fill, and Deliver Group Programs, Part 1 with Carey and Stacey Replay
  • How to Create, Fill, and Deliver Group Programs, Part 2 with Empowerment Coaches Live Training
  • How to Launch Online Courses with Carey Replay
  • Total investment $8,497
  • You save $500!
  • *First payment due upfront. Payments charged monthly.

Enroll Now And Get These 4 Exclusive Bonus Trainings For Free!

Bonus #1

HCI founders Carey and Stacey Nail Your Niche Deep Dive ($997 value) It’s time to get clear on your niche once and for all, so when people ask what you do, you can describe your niche with clarity and confidence to create the clients you desire. This powerful workshop with Stacey and Carey is designed to help you develop a profitable niche. You’ll develop a powerful message that you can build a successful business around.

Bonus #2

HCI founders Carey and StaceyHow to Create, Fill, and Deliver Group Programs with Carey, Part 1 ($997 value) Do you love the idea of diversifying your offerings and serving more people? Do you love the idea of making more money in less time with a group program? Group programs are our favorite way to increase your income and impact, even if you don’t have a big list yet. In this training, we’ll teach you: 1. What to put IN your group program. 2. How to price your group program. 3. How to market and fill your group program. 4. How to lead a powerful group container. 5. Plus pitfalls distilled from our 17 years running groups!


Bonus #3

HCI founders Carey and Stacey How to Create, Fill, and Deliver Group Programs with HCI Empowerment Coaches
Part 2 ($997 value)
Students loved How to Create, Fill, and Deliver Group Programs Part so much, we HAD to add a Part 2! We’ll be expanding on Part 1 with a panel of some of your Empowerment Coaches who successfully use Groups as a part of their private practice! Hear about their wins, learnings, technology tips and more. We will then wrap up with an interactive Q&A session so bring your questions!

Bonus #4

HCI founders Carey and Stacey How to Launch Online Courses with Carey Peters ($997 value) Carey will help you plan and outline all of the content for your Online Course. 1. Learn to plan exactly what you’re teaching in your course 2. How to organize all of your course content. 3. Discover Carey & Stacey’s “secret sauce” for course creation
Carey will show you how to turn your course into an unforgettable experience, so your clients have an amazing time, get great results, and become raving fans.

Let’s Recap Here’s Everything Included In Your Tuition

It’s important that you know the enormous value you’ll get in this program. These numbers are not inflated, they are a good faith estimate of what it would cost to purchase the components of Coach Master separately.

  • TCM Masters Level Certification
    This is 17 years of synthesized coach training and client sessions distilled and refined into an easy to learn format that makes you feel confident and gets results. This includes videos, transcripts, a coaching demo library, skills labs and over 24 NLP coaching sequences for you to feel confident doing deep belief and identity change work with clients.
    ($6,000 Value)
  • Business Accelerator
    Based on a proven business system that walks you through Vision, Plan, Clients, Brand. This includes our on-demand content vault of templates, checklists and all the resources you need to grow your business. No more waiting for the content you need. With the content vault, you’ll have everything you need – when you need it.
    ($6,000 Value)
  • Admission To The Virtual “Freedom Retreat” With Stacey, Carey & Guest Experts
    Retreats are life changing. This is where we take a powerful, immersive, experiential journey together – as a community. The you who enters will not be the same you who leaves!
    ($3,000 Value)
  • 9 Private TCM and/or Business Coaching Sessions
    We all need someone to believe in us and light a fire under our aspirations! In these 90 min sessions with a master coach you will bust through fear and doubt plus get the personalized mentorship and accountability you need to succeed.
    ($2,200 Value)
  • TCM Coaching Demo Lounge With Carey & Stacey
    Eavesdrop on live coaching sessions and deconstructions using the TCM techniques. You’ll also have opportunities to be coached by Carey or Stacey!
    ($2,000 Value)
  • “TCM Time” Office Hours
    Get your questions answered, get support with challenging clients and refine your coaching skills. TCM Time happens 2x/month.
    ($1,000 Value)
  • “Ask A Biz Coach” Office Hours
    Need help nailing your niche? Launching a new program? Want feedback on your offers or pricing? We’ve got your back. Ask A Biz Coach office hours happen 2x/month.
    ($1,000 Value)
  • Coach Mastery Community
    Connect, collaborate, and grow with other coaches who are on a deeply transformational journey, championing one another’s courage and greatness.
  • Exclusive Bonus Trainings
    This includes Nail Your Niche Deep Dive, How To Create, Fill & Deliver Group Programs Mini-Course and Expert Panel, and How To Launch Profitable Online Courses.
    ($3,000 Value)

Total Coach Mastery Value $24,200

Total Coach Mastery Investment
Only 1 Payment of $6,500

or set up in monthly installments

They did it. So can you.

The best decision ever!! This decision catapulted me from a newbie coach stumbling through business development to a confident coach building a business on my own terms. Through the community (which is amazing) and my Coach Mastery mentors (also amazing), I get the opportunity to create the impact I was born to make on MY time and MY pace. Watching my clients win is the richest experience of my life and it doesn’t hurt that I happen to be making more money working for myself than I’ve ever made working for someone else.”

Kenni King, Coach Mastery Graduate

Mastery was a total game changer. The deep TCM work on myself as well as the tools to dive deeper with clients were fantastic. The 1:1 mentorship accelerated my business results beyond what I imagined was possible! Special thanks to my coach Alan, I have now hosted a destination retreat and am now a best-selling author. When I began Coach Mastery I had no idea I would be where I am today.”

Jen Gaudet, Coach Mastery Graduate

“I joined TCM because I wanted to feel confident with my clients, but my biggest breakthrough was how much I’ve grown personally and professionally. I no longer feel like I’m fighting against myself. If you’re serious about growing yourself as a person, creating lasting transformation with your clients, and feeling confident to raise your rates without choking, then join Coach Mastery because that’s what it’s done for me. I can’t say anything other than amazing things about this program and the community – the community changed my life.”

Nerferteri Peoples, Coach Mastery Graduate

Coach Mastery helped me revamp my 90 day program to feel like me AND launch my first group program! I finally have a business with progress. Before Coach Mastery my coaching business was stagnant. I was very busy, but not productive. Since joining Coach Mastery, I have paying clients – which is a new thing for me! I’m so grateful for this program and the coaching, and the community. It was exactly what I needed.”

Diana Wiggins, Coach Mastery Graduate

I just sold a $10,000 coaching package for a 1:1 program!! Thanks Carey and Stacey for believing in us and encouraging us to believe in ourselves.”

Amethyst Mahoney, Coach Mastery Graduate

“I am currently a Mastery student and all I can say is I love what they are offering. It has been a great experience. I love the skills labs to boost confidence. It’s been easy to get help when needed. I’ve taken several trainings from other coaching schools since graduating BHLC in 2018, and honestly, I couldn’t find the support, the depth of content or guidance that they offer in Coach Mastery, so I came back to HCI. I can’t thank myself enough for this decision. Mastery has given me exactly what I had hoped for and needed.”

Cecile Kaptcheu, Coach Mastery Student

“TCM has been a huge gift to myself, in breaking through the critter brain and the critter brain security guard system (LOL) so I could return to my truth with empathy and compassion. Makes me tear up even writing this comment. Coach Mastery as a whole was a game changer for sure and a life gift. It was exactly what I needed to craft my business into a model that works for me. Niche was also vague until I went further inward with the tremendous coaches and Mastery members who partnered up on skills labs. I am still in Mastery, midway through toward Mastery Certification and I LOVE IT!❤️❤️❤️”

Deb McGuire Day, Coach Mastery Student

“I certainly saw Mastery as a personal development journey and it turned out to be MUCH more. From the deeper work I did on myself, the deeper I could go with clients. The more I was open to support, the more I grew and earned. The business mentoring helped me launch an international speaking career that transformed my business. It taught me branding and website, but it also teaches you way more than that. It teaches you that YOU DO NOT NEED a website to get going … on the contrary, you need YOU to be grounded on who you are, who you serve, how you wish to build your business and every which WHY that underpins those areas …. So, yes, Mastery is worth the investment ten times over.”

Lauren Chiren, Coach Mastery Graduate

“Coach Mastery was an absolute game changer!! I’m so excited to bring this level of coaching to my clients. I love working at the levels of beliefs and identity. It’s so powerful! I’m so grateful for this work and this incredible community. I’ve made the best of friends over these past 12 months.”

Chrissie Engler, Coach Mastery Graduate

A Love Note From Us

You’re about to embark on a unique mentorship experience, specifically designed to help you free up those unexpressed parts of yourself while touching more lives, making a bigger impact, and earning more money.

The core of our work is that place where money and love, passion and profit, ambition and ease, and yes, even health and spirituality intersect.

When we explore what it means to truly dance at that intersection—fully engaged with our great work and fully engaged in our lives—we become aligned with our true selves. This is the path of mastery in life and business: aligning who you are with what you do.

This is the journey we invite you to be on with us. Nourishing the soul of your business, putting your personal growth and coaching skills on warp speed, and earning an incredible income doing what you love to do, which is changing people’s lives.

What you can expect from us is everything we’ve got to help you be successful, so that like our current graduates, a year from now you will look back on this moment as the best decision you ever made for your business and personal growth.

Shining the light in you,


  • When does Coach Mastery start?

    There are two upcoming “official” start dates: April 17th, 2023 and July, 2023. If you are in Pillar 3 or 4 of BHLC or you have already graduated, we strongly encourage you to get started with the April cohort. This may mean you have some overlap between BHLC and Coach Mastery. Our coaches are here to support you with a smooth transition.

    If you are in Pillar 1 or 2 of BHLC and you want to lock in this best pricing and bonuses, enroll now, but select July as your start date at checkout.

    If you are unsure about WHEN you should start and need help, book a call to talk to Jen or Kristine and they’ll help you get sorted out!

  • Can I sign up for Coach Mastery if I’m still in BHLC?

    Yes! If you want our best savings, then enroll in Coach Mastery now during the early bird sale. You have two start dates to choose from so you do have the option to enroll now, but start later.

  • Do I need to have paying clients in order to move forward into Mastery?

    No! And in fact, this thinking can backfire! Don’t deny yourself support. The startup phase of a business is the hardest. It’s when you need the most support!

    Students join Coach Mastery for all sorts of reasons. Some students join because they want mentorship, finding and attracting clients rather than reinventing the wheel alone. Whether you have zero clients, 5 clients or 20, we will meet you exactly where you are and guide you to your next desired level.

  • Will Coach Mastery help me feel more confident in my coaching?

    Yes! Without a doubt, TCM is a game changer. It beautifully builds on the coaching foundation you received in BHLC, and it takes you to the next level of belief and identity work. This will elevate the transformation your clients receive, and make you feel confident in the value you bring in every session.

    On a personal level, Coach Mastery will help YOU identify your own patterns of self-sabotage and evolve. Mastering yourself while mastering your craft is a powerful combo that definitely elevates your coaching confidence. See what students are saying about how TCM upleveled their coaching after BHLC.

  • How many coaching sessions do I get and do I get to choose my private coach?

    Coach Mastery includes NINE 90min coaching sessions with a Master Coach. Each time you schedule you will have the opportunity to select your coach and your focus (TCM/inner game or Business/outer game or a bit of both which is what most students do). Students LOVE the depth and spaciousness of 90 minutes and the flexibility of focusing on what you need that day.

  • When is the next virtual retreat?

    The Mastery retreat will take place online in the late summer of 2023. Specific dates will be announced soon. There will be a replay offered if you can’t attend, but we strongly encourage you to block your calendar and be with us live for those 3 days.

  • Will I have live contact with Stacey & Carey to ask questions?

    Yes! There will be a mix of live interactions with Stacey & Carey through coaching demo lounges, office hours, speciality workshops, and of course, the retreats!

  • Will this discount be offered later?

    This is unknown. The full investment for Coach Mastery is $8,500 (this is what other students have previously paid). During THIS early bird promo, we are offering our best value at nearly 25% off. If you’re drawn into deeper mentorship with us, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this special offer now!

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