Become a Health & Life Coach  Class Starts March 11th

HCI’s Personal Trainer Certification Course

Become a Health Coach Institute Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) in just 2 months and prepare for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer exam.

*HCI is not affiliated or endorsed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Why Become A Personal Trainer with HCI?

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  • Get the skills & tools needed to launch & grow your own personal trainer business
  • Learn the exclusive Habit Change Coaching method
  • Prepare for the NASM-CPT exam
  • Interest-free, affordable tuition
  • Go-at-your-own-pace, flexible program
  • Learn from a top-rated school with over 20,000 students

This program was created with the NASM-CPT exam and Standards of Knowledge in mind and is designed to prepare you to take the NASM-CPT exam.

Why Choose Our Certified Personal Trainer Course?


Start HCI’s CPT course right away and complete in as little as 2 months, or take your time, and watch the videos on your schedule. You’ll have lifetime access.


Not only will you learn advanced fitness guidelines, you’ll learn the Habit Change Coaching Method to ensure your clients make their goals stick for good.


Learn how to launch your own fitness business from the comfort of home, with guidance from instructors who have launched multiple Health Coaching and wellness practices.


Learn the exclusive Empowered Movement Model created by HCI’s CPT Lead Instructor, Eoghan O’Kelly, built on the foundations of body awareness to increase movement, flexibility, strength and recovery.


This program also prepares you to sit for the National Academy of Sports Medicine NASM-CPT exam if you want to work in gyms or for corporations.


CPT is led by well-known fitness professionals, with experts in the field of Health Coaching and nutrition, to ensure you get robust online personal training education.

This program includes everything you need to become a successful HCI Certified Personal Trainer. Get immediate access when you enroll now.

Is This Personal Trainer Certification Course For You?

Are you wondering what it takes to become a personal trainer? Do you have a passion for helping others reach their fitness and health goals? Are you looking for a new career path or side hustle, and want to add personal training as something you offer?

This course is for you if:

You’re ready to start a successful business as a personal trainer and start a career you’re passionate about
You’re a Health, Life, or Nutrition Coach who wants to provide more tools and frameworks for their clients to reach their health goals
You’re interested in working for a gym or as an online trainer and work in the fitness industry
You want to start a side hustle or add a new source of income to your current career
You’re passionate about fitness and health and want to help others through personal training and coaching
You want to learn advanced fitness and coaching techniques including nutrition and habit change coaching to take clients further
You’re looking for a program that teaches both practical and hands-on training so you can provide individualized programs based on clients’ current fitness levels and goals
You want to take your own fitness and health knowledge to the next level and help those you love while you’re at it

Enroll now to save $500 for a limited time, and get one step closer to starting your career as a personal fitness trainer.

Meet Your Instructors

Eoghan OKelly personal trainer HCI

Lead Instructor & Coach | HCI’s Certified Personal Trainer Program

Eoghan O’Kelly

Eoghan O’Kelly is a renowned trainer and founder of the Hanuman Health Club—a New York City gym dedicated to educating members on how to take ownership of their physical ability with a mindful connection to movement and exercise quality for improved health and longevity. As the creator of the proprietary Empowered Movement Model which guides clients to focus on cardiovascular fitness, strength and power, and recovery as the three keys to developing overall health and fitness, Eoghan is passionate about shifting a fitness industry obsessed with aesthetics and appearance to one that focuses on empowerment and function.

jamie botti certified personal trainer HCI

Assistant Instructor & Coach | HCI’s Certified Personal Trainer Program

Jamie Botti

Jamie Botti is a personal trainer and yoga instructor at Hanuman Health Club as well as a certified Health Coach. Jamie works with clients who are looking to move and feel better in their everyday lives. She works with people of all ages, body types and capabilities and encourages her clients to find the joy in the journey on their way to their goals. Through consistency, steady micro progressions and attention to detail, Jamie guides her clients towards a better relationship with their bodies by helping them develop a deeper kinesthetic awareness.

carey peters HCI

Guest Health Coach Expert

Carey Peters

Carey Peters is the co-founder of Health Coach Institute and the Become a Health Coach program. She’s a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, author, speaker and successful Health Coach with over 14 years of expertise. She teaches about how to utilize Habit Change coaching in the CPT program.

keri glassman HCI instructor

Guest Nutrition Expert

Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN

Keri Glassman has been a pioneer in the nutrition and health industry for 15+ years, and is the author of four bestselling books. Keri developed the Nutritious Life Master Certified Nutrition Coach Training (NLMC)—a cutting-edge nutrition and wellness program. Keri often appears in national media outlets as a leading expert on topics including nutrition, fitness, and wellness trends.

Health Coach Institute Student Reviews

Health Coach Institute (HCI) is one of the top rated international coach training schools in the world, offering world-class programs that have helped tens of thousands of people across the globe. HCI is dedicated to helping students create a better future for themselves.rnrnHere’s what students on Trustpilot are saying about our programs.

If you have the desire in your heart to develop your skills as a coach and help tons of people, HCI has the right programs for you.

Luna Dias Barbosa

There is an expert balance of content, experiential learning, engaging videos, and great handouts and materials.

Tatiana Sifri

HCI was a dream come true for me and my business and coaching endeavors. I’m now ready to help others transform their lives!


Payment options, flexibility in course content as well as learning formats just can’t be beat.

Lisa Brown Gaterberry

Enroll now to save $500 for a limited time, and get one step closer to starting your career as a personal fitness trainer.