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If you’re tired of feeling stressed, anxious, and burnt out every day from the ups and downs of life and are ready to make lasting change, Master Your Stress: Find The Calm Within can help you get there in less than 6 weeks.

This course will help you get on track to a more relaxed and fulfilling life, and leave you with a personalized plan to take your stress and turn it into calm in no time.

About Master Your Stress: Find The Calm Within

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Enroll today to start your journey to bringing more peace to your lives and the lives of others right away.


MYS is designed to take you 6 weeks, watching one module per week. Complete it faster or take your time if needed.


By the end of the course you’ll know how to manage the physical, emotional, and social impacts of stress and have a personalized plan that works for your lifestyle.


Led by coaching and wellness professionals, who are experts in the field of stress management, nutrition, and personal empowerment.


Study anytime and watch the videos on your schedule. You’ll also get lifetime access to the course to revisit whenever you need to.


Learn proven tools and techniques taught by professional Health and Life Coaches so you can effectively coach others on stress and anxiety.

Meet Your Instructors

brooke jeffries HCI faculty

Brooke Jeffries, MS, CN

Lead Instructor of Pathway Program & Master Your Stress

Brooke Jeffries is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Nutritionist, HCI’s Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, and the lead instructor of Master Your Stress: Find The Calm Within.

Brooke has deep expertise in nutrition, health, and coaching, and is passionate about personal empowerment, learning, and whole-body healing. She has mentored many coaches over the years on building strong coaching and clinical skills, and she also ran a successful private nutrition practice prior to joining HCI.

Brooke currently lives in the Seattle area.

Carey Peters

Carey Peters

Lead Instructor of Become a Health & Life Coach & Coach Mastery

Carey Peters is the co-founder of Health Coach Institute, a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Since becoming a full-time professional coach over 17 years ago, Carey has channeled her passion for personal development into founding and co-founding 6 coaching businesses, helping to grow them to 6-figure, 7-figure and 8-figure revenues.

Carey guest starred in 25 episodes of the Yahoo web series “Reluctantly Healthy,” hosted by actress Judy Greer, and has been featured in Forbes Magazine, New York Magazine, Fitness Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, and more.

Prior to becoming a coach, Carey had a 15 year career as a professional actress and is a graduate of the prestigious Theatre School at DePaul University. When she’s not coaching, Carey loves theater, improvisation, and stand-up comedy. Carey lives with her husband and daughter in Chicago.

Andrea Nakayama

Andrea Nakayama

Founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance & Guest Expert in Master Your Stress

Andrea Nakayama is the founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance and guest expert in Master Your Stress. Andrea Nakayama is a renowned Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP) and the founder of The Functional Nutrition Alliance.

Andrea is an internationally known Functional Medicine Nutritionist, educator, and speaker who is leading a movement to transform the health industry into a system that works. She’s a Certified Nutrition Educator (CNE), Certified Nutrition Counselor (CNC), Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) and provides her expertise on stress and its impacts on your body in this course.

Andrea currently resides in Portland, OR.

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