Company Purpose & Core Values

Our Purpose

At Health Coach Institute, we empower deeply caring people to transform their lives, create abundant careers, and change the world one coaching conversation at a time.

Our Core Values

Wellness: We believe that wellness is a human right and we support and empower our staff, students and clients in their choice to optimize their wellness.

People: We are successful because we invest in people and relationships. We are guided by the question “Will this action build trust and strengthen our relationships?”

Openness: We operate with open doors, open minds and open hearts. We are open to the best possible outcomes for all people in every scenario. We are open to miracles.

Empowerment: We believe in the power of all people to affect positive change in any situation. We choose to be empowered and responsible with all that goes on in our company, our communities, and our world; and we empower (and hold accountable) our staff and students to also be empowered and response-able with all that happens in and around their lives.

Integrity: Our words create our world. We make every effort to deliver on what we promise 100% of the time and we work tirelessly to restore integrity whenever our word is broken.

Growth: We believe all people desire to grow and expand. We empower our staff, students and clients to be responsible for, empowered in and fulfilled in their personal and professional growth.

Leadership: We believe that all people have the capability to be leaders who change the world, and we relate to each person as a world class leader, including what we expect of them in their performance.

Talent: We empower people to understand, celebrate, nurture, and give their unique talents and gifts.

Fun: We create fun, play and connection while we are fulfilling our purpose and transforming the world.