A couple of months ago we featured BHC student Mandy Greene (now Mandy Perry) in our Spotlight category here.
Now, FFWD (fast forward) to seven months after starting BHC, and Mandy’s life has completely transformed in incredible and unimaginable ways and her gratitude and genuine happiness will uplift your spirits like nothing else.
Mandy is a living testament of what happens when you say YES to yourself and to a greater vision for your life with your whole heart.
Mandy’s caveat: “The only other thing I want to add is that I wouldn’t have reached the same place without literally doing the work that Stacey and Carey told me to do and having a coach coach me the whole time.”
Watch her 3 minute video below…it’ll blow your heart wide open!

Check out Mandy Greene’s Facebook page to see more from her!
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