Mandy Greene is a former marine, originally from New England. She currently lives in Rhode Island and studies Neuroscience. To top it off, Mandy is what she calls, “a lucky mother of three” and a full-time Health Coach with eight clients—four of which are paying $1000 for her Health Coaching program—and she has yet to graduate from Become A Health Coach (BHC) and receive her certification. It was a pleasure interviewing her for our Spotlight blog post today. Here’s Mandy’s inspiring story.

What made you choose to become a Health Coach?
I went through a lot of trauma in my childhood and young adult life and that led me on my own journey into Western medicine (and antianxiety and antidepressant medication.) Going through that phase myself, I got to see what it was like so I decided to go into a nursing program because I had all this love inside of me and and all this healing that I wanted to do, that was stuck inside of me, so I went the route of the nursing program. But there I saw a way that I didn’t agree with such as treating with drugs first. So I left the nursing program and went into Neuroscience studies because I had it in my head that, “If I can figure out my own brain, I can heal myself fully and everybody else. I just need to understand the brain.” Through everything I learned about the brain and how it works, I saw this huge gap between how our bodies truly heal and operate and what had been going on in my own experience in the nursing program and in Western medicine so I started looking for a career that would bridge the gap between the two and that’s when I found Health Coaching. I took a semester off (from my Neuroscience studies) during my (Become A Health Coach) training but I’m still pursuing Neuroscience. I love it. I’ll probably be in school forever. I love it that much.

Six months into BHC what results or progress are you most excited about?
The right thing would be to say the healing that’s transpired with my clients—and that is a huge part of it—but if i’m being really honest, my answer would be my own healing and my own growth. I wasn’t expecting to have this much transformation in my journey of learning to become a Health Coach and learning to do it with other people. So my own learning has been the biggest part of it—all In six months! Through my lifetime there have been so many pushes and tries and looking for the new thing and healing and not being complacent by nature. So for me to see this much personal growth, in this short amount of time, feels like a miracle, like everything I’ve been praying for.

What five words would you use to describe Mandy before BHC and Mandy now?
Before BHC I was confused, in pain, burnt out, desperate and losing hope.
Now I am lighter, happier, my spark is back, I’m consistently inspired and I’m healthy.

Wow! So in your BHC experience, what was the active ingredient that gave you access to that transformation?  
Stacey and Carey’s teachings. They felt like the parents I never had. It sounds dramatic but that’s how it felt. Like this is how other people, who were raised with healthy teachings from their parents or grandparents or people in their community, feel. This is the stuff they knew and I didn’t know this stuff. So much of it was new and about connecting the dots and the domino effect. Also having community to bounce stuff off of and to support me and encourage me to be really honest and say things the way they were. Altogether that created an awesome, thriving environment for me to just grow in.

How is your personal growth and transformation impacting your coaching?
Exponentially. We learn (in BHC) that you can only take your clients as far as you can go and I thought, “Yeah, I don’t know, I’m pretty clever…” Honestly, I really thought that and as I go through this process I’m realizing you really can’t (take your clients further than you can go) because there are so many voices that come up and you get stuck in places and you need support. You just do. I currently have eight clients. Four paying $997 each. My last client paid $1000 and now I’m bumping up to the next level. The commitment I made to myself at the beginning of this journey was that once I have a few clients and they’re really getting profound results, then I will step forward a little bit to increase my growth.

What are you experiencing with your clients that has you confident that just six months into BHC you can be paid well to coach people?
It’s funny, I never thought I’d say this but it’s really true—they are getting a huge deal. If they knew at the beginning that they were going to get x, y, z results from this would they pay $1000? They’d be like “What?! Yeah!” But nobody believes that they’ll really get this. And I’m a person who felt like the sun, moon and stars needed to align for me to be able to heal from something and get the results I want—I lost 40 pounds since my journey with Health Coaching started. So to be able to see this transformation personally, makes it easy for me to have the confidence that my clients will get it too. And when I’m watching them in the places I’ve gone through, getting their Aha’s and their momentum, there’s a buzz that comes with it. So it’s easy to have confidence because I’ve been through it, I know it works, and I’m watching them go through the same process. On top of that I’m not just guessing. I was trained really well in this 90-day program. After being able to hear Stacey herself coach, I now know what’s coming next with my clients. I now know when they’re going to have knee jerks, when they’re going to want to run away—all because my training really prepared me well.

Did you say you lost 40 pounds in these past six months?
I know right? Let me tell you that I’ve been trying to lose weight for six years! And I’m not even dieting.

How did you lose 40 pounds without dieting?
[Laughing] If I tell you that, then I’d have to tell you the secret of my 90-day program. It’s honestly because of the transformational work that we are taught in the 90-day intensive. I did the work. I slowed down. It was because of all the stuff that we learned about healthy habits that people don’t do because it’s not taught in our culture, honestly.

What would you say to someone considering Health Coaching but nervous to make the leap?
Hmmm…Nervous is good. I would say you are good enough. This particular program is genuinely all that it promises to be. And it’s funny because there have been moments when I’ve felt like it’s not going to work. It goes up, down, up, down but as you trust the process and go through it, it’s everything it says it’s going to be but it’s so much more. Looking back, nobody told me that I’m going to get a family out of this and life lessons and stand-in parents. I didn’t know any of that. I didn’t know I was going to get all this personal growth. I thought I was just going to be taught how to coach. So I would say it’s more than you expect it to be. And you are good enough and you can do it and you should do it.

What final words of motivation do you want to leave readers with?  
I learned this from a wise mentor (my Success Coach): “Silver and gold, I have none but what I have I give to you.” So this is how I translate it: it’s not about being perfect or having all the answers. It’s about me knowing I have pushed myself, I have learned, I’ve been trained by awesome mentors, I’ve learned this stuff, I know it, I’ve done the work and so now what I have inside of me I’m going to give to you—all of it.

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