Over the past several years, Health Coaching has been gaining major momentum around the world as a highly effective tool for disease management and prevention. With lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease at an all-time high—and new research pointing to the power of positive lifestyle changes to reverse or prevent said diseases—Health Coaches are increasingly in demand for the special kind of support they can provide in helping individuals reclaim their health. What’s more, they’re finally being acknowledged for the vital role they are playing in shifting the global health landscape from treatment-focused to healthy lifestyle-focused.

The newest generation of Health Coaches fill a very unique, specialized role in healthcare. They don’t prescribe, diagnose, analyze, or treat. Rather, they work closely with clients (and oftentimes, their practitioners) to clarify their health and wellness goals, create actionable steps to achieve those goals, and facilitate permanent mindset shifts and behavior changes so they can master healthy habits that serve them for life.

Health Coaches Facilitate Habit Change

In essence, Health Coaches are Masters of Habit Change™ who help their clients break negative behaviors that interfere with their health and replace them with healthy ones. They work with clients to automate these healthy behaviors so that they become habits…like a reflex that happens without thought. These automated habit changes ultimately form the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and can lead to transformative results in clients.

According to this recent article from the UK’s Epoch Times, “Health coaching has been shown to be one of the most effective methods for managing lifestyle diseases. It helps people make physical changes, such as losing weight, or lowering their cholesterol and blood pressure.”

The author, Ayse Cinar, goes on to discuss the benefits Health Coaching has had on diabetics in helping them to be more accountable for their own health and change behaviors that are impacting their condition. Cinar cites a study she was part of in Turkey and Denmark, where 150 diabetic patients worked with Health Coaches for a year and were able to reduce their 3-month blood glucose levels by 6%. (According to the International Diabetes Federation, a 1% reduction in 3-month blood glucose is considered to be a significant improvement in diabetes management.) Click here to read the full article.

Cinar states, “Health Coaching is one of the most powerful ways of changing people’s mindsets for the long term.” And we at Health Coach Institute couldn’t agree more.

A Bright Future for Health Coaches

What Health Coaches can do for the health and wellness of humankind (and the future of healthcare as we know it) cannot be overstated. Now more than ever before, people need the kind of expertise and support Health Coaches can provide. One thing is certain: the movement is growing and the outlook for Health Coaches is bright!

Health Coach Institute Offers Accredited Health Coaching Certification

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